Week 80-“I know that this church is true. I just know it.”


This week we have had a great week! We started it off with exchanges in Puerto Vallarta!!! It was super beautiful. I’ll be heading back after the mish for sure. Super gorgeous. We then went to the Altos de Jalisco. It’s like all up in the mountains pretty far from GDL and it’s known for being just out of this world Catholic. There are a few different little cities up there and they are all super Catholic. If you dont believe me just look up “San Juan de los Lagos.” It’s also known for having just tons of white people. Tons and tons. I fit in just fine up there. It was wild. I loved it but it was a real task to proselyte up there. It was fun though.
Its been a really good week actually. I dont have any crazy stories to tell this week but everything is going super well. We have been reading the four gospels as a mission this month in preparation for Easter. We are specifically looking as we read, for how Jesus taught, loved, reacted, and served. It has been incredible and I am so thankful for the Savior Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is to have the knowledge that we do about him. I love him.
I invite you all to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John looking for those same things. You will change and want to be better.
I know that this church is true. I just know it. I wish everybody would be willing to just pray and ask God if it really is. I just wish that people would let go of whatever it is that is holding them back and become members of this beautiful church which is lead by Jesus Christ himself. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. Do something to strengthen your testimony every day.
Elder Cluff


Week 79-“It has been in incredible experience to be able to see the hand of the Lord in my mission.”

This week has just been special. It has been full of preparation, fun, and some good ol´ physical exertion out here in the Lord’s work. It’s been a blessing to say the least. Una bendicion is how we say it here in Mexico.

We have been preparing for a Family Home Evening with all of the Zone Leaders. It’s like a little training here in the office the night before Leadership Council. So we have been preparing for that and also the Leadership Council. I have just felt really discombobulated because I’m just all of the sudden expected to teach all of these baller Zone Leaders and it’s a little intimidating. The Lord has blessed me a ton and L have had some serious revelation and the teachings have come together flawlessly. It’s also been una bendicion.
This week has been fun with my comp. I love Elder Long. We have been playing catch everynight as we do little things here and there. We literally throw anything that can be thrown at each other. One night I was just in my room getting ready to go to bed and I just saw a little flash out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw a hefty hacky sack just bulleting it’s towards at me. It stung me right in the thigh and that was the begining. We are like brothers. We just started wrestling and we had a good laugh. It’s fun to be with good companions. I still haven’t returned the painful favor but I will.
To end this letter I must tell a special experience I had this week. This week I was on exchanges with a fresh Elder. He has like 5 days in the mish. We he got here he was with all his buddies from the MTC and really was just the center of attention of the group. He seemed very sarcastic and maybe a little arrogant. I was suprised as I started to see him work and talk that he was just scared and nervous. He looked like he had just been thrown into some cold water. I felt so bad for him. I wanted to help him.
He really opened up to me super fast. We had good conversations throughout the day but what was most important to me was the companionship study we had. We started with a hymn and prayer and the Spirit just filled the room. It was so strong. I asked him if he could feel it and he said he could. I began to teach and it seemed I was able to adress his needs. The beautiful Spirit mixed with  personal preparation made for an inspired study. He knew what he needed to do and he became excited to work and give it all. I told him not to be afraid and to just love his mission.
It has been in incredible experience to be able to see the hand of the Lord in my mission. I have been able to really feel his help and I know that I could not be doing what I’m doing right now with out this divine help. I love this mission.
Elder Cluff

Week 78-“I really have felt more love and a desire to help other missionaries this week”


This has been a week. It has been fast, long, and everything in between. We saw off the missionaries that were going home and then an hour later we greeted the new ones arriving. We had to go back to the airport that night to pick up another new missionary that got in late. Anyway that was quite the day.

We had an entire day of training with the new missionaries the next day and that was good. It was long and brought back some crazy memories. We planned our entire transfer the next day. It was a literal day of planning. Weve been assigned to go to every single part of the mission that I haven’t been to yet so that I can get to know the entire mission before the new President gets here. Its gonna be super fun but crazy. We will be traveling every single day. Which is good but I’m not going to be able to get any shut eye on on the buses because I have to know where I am going. There is opposition in all things.

This week we are hoping to work for a sec. It’s been a minute since we were able to get out and grind. Hopefully we will get a sec this week.My favorite part of this whole week has been the way I have felt. I really have felt more love and a desire to help other missionaries this week. I feel like the Lord is helping me to love and help them. I hope I can get better at it everyday.During the week I studied 2nd Nephi 25. I loved it. This time as a read it I understood it differently. I caught the same feeling Nephi must have had as he wrote it. I felt the same thing. I knew that it needed to be heard by everybody. I knew that Jesus Christ is who saves us. I knew that it was true and I loved it. I love the scriptures.

Elder Cluff

Week 77-“I’m humbled by the task….”

This last week and a half has been nuts. Its been full of great spiritual experiences and change. Last weekend we had a great District Conference in Ciudad Guzman. The teaching was super inspired and I loved every minute. We also had interviews with President Clayton and they were awesome. It was the best interview I have had with President and I felt the spirit and he helped me a ton.

That same night I got a call from President telling me I has special transfers and that I needed to be in the offices the next day with all of my things. I had another interview with him a day later and that one was even better than the one I had on Sunday. He invited me to be his new assistant. I’m humbled by the task and I’m excited to get to work with all of the missionaries and really get to train and help the mission. We have quite a few tasks and we will be super busy. I’m excited.

Today has just been such a special day here in Guadalajara. We had a great meeting with Elder Andersen, Elder Lynn G Robbins, and Elder Valenzuela. It was 2 hours full of the Spirit. It was incredible. I literally sat at the feet of Elder Andersen. He looked at me in the eyes. It was so awesome. He came down off the stand and stood right there in front of me. I could have touched him without extending my arm. He shared with us revelation he was recieving on the spot about how we can find new people to teach. It was incredible. As he finished he shared his experience with the 12 apsotles choosing the new prophet. It was incredible and my testimony was strengthed so much. The words he used and the experiences he shared mixed with impressions from the Spirit really fortified my testimony and I’m so thankful to be a member of this church.
I’m now in a little tiny town called Jala. It is beautiful and I’m excited to be back in Nayarit (Santiago and San Blas are also in Nayarit so I’m going back). We have a little group that is just growing super fast. There have been lots of baptisms there and we are going to be seeing more and more. It’s such a blessing to be in Jala.
I’m really excited to get to work more with President and Sister Clayton and get to learn from them. It will be a wonderful way to end my mission. I ask for you all to continue supporting me as you have and praying for me. I need it!!
I love you
Elder Cluff

Week 76-“Every day we see miracles”


Every day we see miracles. This week has been no exception. We have a rule here in the mish that we need to talk to the first person that we see as we leave the apartment in the morning. Many do it, many don’t. But it’s a matter of obedience so we try and do it everyday. One day this week as we were leaving, we contacted the first person we saw and he was very friendly and told us to visit him later that day.

We also have a rule that we should divide our area into groups and try to spend one half of the day in one area and the second half in another. The goal is to save time and build up a teaching pool in each area. As the man gave us his direction it happened to be in the area that we had planned to work in in the afternoon. It was interesting but we didn’t think to much of it. Later that afternoon we show up to his house and he invites us in and is super excited (not common) So we go in and we teach him his wife. They loved it and they accepted a baptismal date. It was awesome.

We were thinking about it after and we realized a few things. 1) we contacted the first person we saw. 2) We are working in the specific areas without exeptions. 3) we are seeing the promised miracles for doing these things. It’s like Heavenly Father is saying to us “if you guys wanna be obedient I will bless you” also it’s just a crazy confirmation that President recieves some serious revelation.

It’s been a great week and we are preparing for District Conference this weekend. I’m really excited because we get to be with President and Sister Clayton.
We are also preparing the mission for a special visit from Neil L. Andersen next week. I am so so excited and I’m starting preparation right now. What a blessing it will be to have a visit from one of the Lords apostles. I’m so excited.
I know this church is true.
Elder Cluff

Week 75-“I love the Lord and I know that he knows us personally and answers prayers.”

We are just doing so great. I love Teocuitatlan and we are doing well. We talk to all of the people. Its a tiny little town so everyone is getting to know us. It’s really fun. We set goals everyday to talk to a certain amount of people and we have been doing well. As we have contacted more we have found lots of people to teach. It has been a blessing.

I am really enjoying being with my companion and he is helping me become a better missionary. I prayed for him to be my companion by name because I knew I needed what he has. I love the Lord and I know that he knows us personally and answers prayers. 
This week we got to go on some exchanges with some of the Elders in our zone. I got to work with Elder Cruz from Colombia. He has 8 months in the mission and is really a great missionary. I learned a ton from him and he really isn’t a new missionary anymore. It was a fun experience and I liked talking with him.
This week is gonna move by quick. We have mission council tomorrow and that is so exciting. It is my favorite meeting as a missionary and I’m thankful for the opportunity. We will learn a lot and I’m really excited to learn.
It has been really rainy and nice in our area. The only problem is that we have a solar water heater so we have had some chilly showers in some chilly weather and that just is not a fun experience to throw your body into such devastating water.
Other than that things are fantastic. We have been eating super well. My comp is a monster cook and the food from the Dominican Republic is just something else.
I’m just happy and thankful. I feel everyday the importance of this work and there is always something that strengthens my testimony. Heavenly Father loves us so much and is always blessing us with his tender mercies. I learned a little something that I like a lot from a Bednar talk.
“But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance” (1 Ne. 1:20).
To be or to become chosen is not an exclusive status conferred upon us. Rather, you and I ultimately determine if we are chosen. Please now note the use of the word chosen in the following verses from the Doctrine and Covenants:

“Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen?

“Because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men” (D&C 121:34–35; emphasis added).

I love this. You and I determine if we are chosen. We determine if we want tender mercies from the Lord. We all want them because they are so great.
This mission is a tender mercy from the Lord and every day I am blessed with little tender mercies that make it that much sweeter to be here. I love you all have a good week!!!
Elder Cluff

Week 74-“I am definitely in the best part of my mission.”


Its been a fantastic week. I’m still happier than I have ever been and that is good news. I am definitely in the best part of my mission and I’m doing great.
This week we were barely in our area. We had divisions with the assistants and it is just a real deal to get all the way to their area and back to ours. It was really fun and I learned a lot from some great Elders.
We had a little bit of time to work in our area and we got some good stuff done. We finally met our recent converts husband and he was excited. We taught him the restoration of the gospel and he liked it. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted because he wants to be sealed to his wife. She has been a great missionary and taught him tons of little things to spark his interest.
We had a good week. I don’t have a lot of time, and there isn’t a lot to say either, but my companion is a great missionary. We are learning a ton together and I’m glad to be with him.
I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that if we read it everyday we will be able to overcome temptation and make the best decisions. I love the Prophet Joseph Smith and I’m so thankful for him. I know that Jesus Christ guides this church and that He died for each one of us. I love you all and I hope you have a great week.
Elder Cluff

Week 73-“Heavenly Father knows where we are.”

This week has been a good one with my new companion. We have worked hard in the little time we have had. This week we had Zone Conference. I love that meeting. We talked a lot about the basics in missionary work. It’s a good reminder because a lot of times we are trying to be better missionaries but we want to do it in some type of complicated way when really all we need to do is go back to the basics. It was a great reminder.
Sister Clayton talked about the importance of a good morning study. It kind of sets the tone for the whole day. But even more important than that, it gives us a desire to keep the commandments, and as missionaries it fires us up to share the gospel. It was a great conference. My companion and I taught almost the same thing and it was a great teaching. My companion and I teach really well together and the spirit was present.
Yesterday was probably my favorite day of the week. We went to church and spoke. That was fun, we ate lunch and then had companionship study. That was great too. Then we went to work. We only had one set appointment. When we got there Guadalupe was not there…. but right when we showed up, we noticed a lady carrying big buckets of water. We went up and started to help her. We took like 6 buckets of water to her house and then started to talk with her a little. We taught her The Plan of Salvation. It was a great lesson and she was really prepared to hear what we had to say. It was such a great experience. Heavenly Father knows where we are. We didn’t show up for our appointment in vain. Heavenly Father knew what was going to happen and we were there to meet Leticia. It was a great blessing and a testimony builder.
Later that night when didn’t have anything going on so we just contacted the rest of the night. We got to the house like 20 minutes early but we weren’t about to go inside that early. So we made a plan to give away all of the materials we had with us.. 2 Books of Mormon, a bunch of pamphlets and like 20 contacting cards. It was so fun. We just went crazy in 20 minutes and we got to the house with nothing. It was such a good feeling.
This week we are going to be super busy again. I love it. I love being so busy. The only hard thing is we dont get any time in our area!!! It’s so in the middle of nowhere that we have to leave a day early if we want to be able to make it to things. That’s the only downside.
But we are doing great and we are going to keep working. My companion is fun to work with because we laugh and talk. It’s been a good week. I love you all and I’m thankful for all of the support!!! I love you! Have a good week.

Week 72-“The mission is the best and gets better every transfer. It’s the biggest blessing I have had in my life.”

It has been a hot minute since I wrote home but here I am!! Things have been so great these last couple weeks. I got to spend Elder Moras last week with him and see him off. The best part was that we were able to baptize Sara!! It was so fun to finish his mission off with a baptism. Sara is the best and she is the first person that I have personally contacted who I have been able to baptize. It was such a miracle and a great experience.
The following day we received the news that President Monson had passed away. What a man. What a leader he was. He dedicated his life to serving everyone and never thinking about himself. From a very young age he understood what he needed to do and did it diligently until the day he died. What a great example. I know that Russell M Nelson will be a fantastic leader. He loves his calling and loves everyone. He will lead this church by revelation and example. He will be a great blessing to each of us.
We had a great mission council and I just long for the opportunities to listen to President Clayton. He is such a great man. I learned a lot and left very excited to do a better job as a zone leader and also received quite a few answers to how to do that. Its always such a spiritual meeting and a great experience.
We wrapped up the transfer this week and boy did we have changes. The whole zone almost had transfers. It was wild. My new companion is Elder Sime. He is from the Dominican Republic and has 14 months in the mish. He is a WORKER and I am pumped. A stereotype of Dominicans is that they are always just hyped up and excited bouncing of off the walls. It’s true.. This guy doesn’t run out of energy. Whats even funnier is when multiple Dominicans get together.. We have three in the zone and they just go nuts. Its really funny. Yesterday we were walking and all of the sudden this dude just starts honking like crazy. He swerves over and slams on the breaks and yells at us. I’m a little scared at this point, but my comp runs up to the car. I’m like “dude what are you doing we are supposed to run in the opposite direction”. He gets to the window and there is a Dominican in there. They are just pumped to see each other. They had never met ever but it looked like the same type of reunion that a Utah mother has with her son when he gets home from the mish. It was hilarious. But yeah anyways Im super excited to be with this guy and we are going to get some serious stuff done. Being with him is an answer to my prayers.
Those are the highlights.. I can’t handle how fast the time is passing. It’s pretty frightening. The mission is the best and gets better every transfer. It’s the biggest blessing I have had in my life. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.
Elder Cluff

Week 68-“There is no better way to feel or partake of that fruit than by reading his words.”


This week has been great! It has been busy busy busy and we haven’t been in our area for a long time.

This week we had exchanges with the Assistants and they were great. I learned a ton from a great missionary. Elder Dehesa is probably the most consecrated missionary I have ever met. I learned a ton from him and I’m super glad I got to be with him for the afternoon.
We also had a Christmas activity in a city named Manzanillo. Three zones got together and we had a great time. We had to come up with a little skit and ours was definitely the best and everyone was laughing the whole time. We have 3 missionaries from the Dominican Republic in our zone and Dominicans are known for just being crazy.. They are wild. They make things fun though.
I love the mission during Christmas time. I remember last Christmas I didn’t have a lot of time in the mission and I remember I felt a great peace during our activity and I was so thankful to be a missionary during that time of year. I feel the same way this year and I love being in the Lord’s service. We were challenged to read Luke during the month and it has been a great experience. I have learned a lot and I feel so good as I read about the Saviors life. I have been able to feel the spirit consistently as I have read this month.
I hope that everyone has a great week. I’m a little low on time, but I want to just let everyone know how thankful I am for the support that I have. My family and friends are the best and I’m so thankful to know that I have all the support in the world. I love being a missionary.. I dont know if I say that enough. I feel like I’m just at a point where I can reach a new level as a missionary and this week I am going to do my best to reach it. It all starts with a good study in the morning. I think the same can be said about everyday life. I hope to be able to develop a great daily study after the mission so I can say the same as Henry B Eyring. He hasn’t missed a day in more than 50 years.. that’s some serious business. We have to read them because we feel Gods love as we read them. We don”t read just for knowledge. Think of the way that Lehi talked about the fruit(gods love) there is literally nothing that good. There is nothing so sweet. And there is no better way to feel or partake of that fruit than by reading his words.
I love you all!!! Feliz Navidad
Elder Cluff