Week 1-“I’m the best dressed Elder by leaps and bounds, and everyone loves my shoes.”

Hello everyone!
First of all, I’m doing so dang good and I love it here. The first few days were so long and kind of boring but I love it so much now. So when I first got here I was assigned to be companions with Elder Knight. He is from Orem and he is so cool. He knows a bit about shoes so we have had some good talks. Its been a blessing to have a good companion.
          So the day after I got here, we kind of had a little district meeting and met our branch president, Presidente Machado. He is so dang funny and I love him. So out of no where all of the sudden president has me read from page 57 of the missionary handbook and he had me read a passage that said “the goal of a leader is not merely to supervise or motivate, but to lift, encourage, inspire, and bless.” After I read that he said, “Will you be the district leader of 12A?” So yeah, that happened and I’m the district leader. I actually really like it. But i already had an elder in my district who is 25 come up to me and tell me he didn’t like me very much and he is praying to not have negative feelings toward me…. lol. But its all good.
           I learn a fat amount of Spanish everyday. I can teach the discussions all in Spanish but its fairly broken. My companion really struggles with Spanish, and on top of that he isn’t the best teacher so our discussions are all on me and I dont mind, but he always seems upset that I kinda keep them going and talk the most. Pray for his Spanish please, I love Spanish though, and I love all of my teachers too.
          Me and Elder Ricketts from home are having such a good time, and I love him so much. We have become really good friends with one of the other Elders named Elder Skidmore. He is perhaps the funniest kid I have met. I love him.
          Ok, the Comedor, or the cafeteria is straight up suicide. I have never missed something more than I miss my sweet mothers gourmet kitchen. But I’m learning.
          Sunday was the turning point in the week. Once Sunday came around I was so pumped to be here. Just all the meetings and lack of actual classes was niceeee.
          We had an area seventy come speak to us, Elder Reyes. I loved it. He talked all about faith and how obedience builds faith. We had a great devotional about it afterward with the district and the spirit was strong as can be. That was a highlight this week. The other highlight was I made a joke in Spanish and it was out of control.
          So today is the first pday. Much needed and much loved. We went to the Mexico City temple this morning it was so so amazing. I loved it so much. It was so cool to get out of the CCM for a little and see the city.
          So that’s pretty much my first 10 days in an email. If you have more specific questions write me! Also, one thing i want from everyone is you can actually send me letters every single day here through the mexicomtcpackage.com website. Its free and they just print off emails and give them out. I would loveeee that!
         Not a ton has changed yet, I’m the best dressed elder by leaps and bounds, and everyone loves my shoes. I mess around and ball on Elders every single day. Its nice to know some things never change.
         Well I absolutely love the CCM. Its very hard sometimes, and some things are harder than others, especially the beds lol. But I have already grown so much and I feel so close to the spirit and to my Savior. I know without a doubt I am doing the right thing, and that this church is so true. I lean on the examples of so many of you and the faith you all have. My faith has increased everyday and I’m loving the mission. Keep praying for me! I love you all, have a fantastic week and I will talk to you all next Friday.
PS Those Krispy Kremes changed my life mom. Thank you so much, dont hesitate to use that service often.

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