Week 3 ” I wouldn’t be here, sleeping on a concrete slab of a bed if I didn’t know this church was true.”


It’s been an awesome week and it went super fast so that’s exciting!! I have about 2 and a half weeks left so I’m pretty excited about that. I still love being a missionary even though I haven’t really taught anyone anything… the CCM is fun though. I love my teachers a lot. 

    We got to hear Elder Ballard and Elder Cook speak from the Provo MTC this week. They both said they didn’t prepare anything specific which I thought was super interesting. They both did super good it was very good to hear their talks.
Yesterday was Mexican independence day. It was so cool. We had a big celebration and now I’m a Mexican. I bleed green, white and red. 

     I went to the temple this morning. I love the temple and I feel such a strong spirit in there. Ive been praying a lot to feel the spirit stronger and its working. I had such a spiritual week and i can always feel the spirit with me. 

    I’m getting really close with couple different Elders and I’m so happy about that. This short six week period means so much to me. I’m learning and growing with my district everyday. Its such a good experience

     This week I’ve just had an overwhelming feeling of love for being a missionary. I know there are going to be hard times, and there already have been some, but through all of them I just love being a missionary. Its so incredible to actually feel the mantle of being a missionary. I didn’t think that there would be a different feeling, but I really can feel that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. 
     Another thing that has just been so good is how often i get to read the Book of Mormon. I’m so much more focused and I love it. I know that its true. I dont really know who reads these emails, but if you dont know if the Book of Mormon is true, pick it up and read it and you’ll know. Its such a blessing in my life especially as a missionary. 

     I’m loving this experience more and more everyday. I’m so excited to go and serve in Guadalajara. Its going to change my life and I’m so excited. 

     I wouldn’t be here, sleeping on a concrete slab of a bed if I didn’t know this church was true. But I am, and the concrete slab doesn’t get any more comfortable. I can do all things through 

Christ though. Love you all, be safe and have a good week!!!

Elder Cluff

District 12A
Looking rowdy at the CCM
Elder Cluff and Ricketts
The whole district cerebrating a birthday
Elder Cluff and Christensen
The life of a missionary
Handsome Elder
The District
Elder Cluff and Ricketts at the Mexico City temple


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