Week 4-“It’s amazing to feel the mantle of being a missionary.”

The CCM is awesome but its time for me to teach the gospel. I’m very excited to get to Guadalajara. This week has been a spiritual week and I’m so thankful for the gift of the spirit. I can legit feel the spirit tell me what to say even in our fake lessons. I always feel the spirit the most when my good friend Elder Christensen and I talk. I love that guy.

Everything is so good though and I love being a missionary. I love hearing all about everything is going at home so please send me mail!!
My district is the best and its going to be hard to say goodbye to them. But really its gonna be exciting.
Well I just got my first haircut here. My first real Mexican adventure. Everybody pray for the lady that does the hair that she will find something else that she is good at or something. haha.
Besides that little incident I’ve loved this week. I’m learning Spanish so that’s cool. We are learning  more advanced Spanish now so its a little difficult. But I can feel the Lords hand in everything here.
The highlight of my entire week has been studying 3rd Nephi 11. I think that I spent a full two days of personal study on it. I have learned so much from that chapter alone and I’m so interested in it. I love the Book of Mormon more than I thought I could. Its so true. Read 3rd Nephi 11 this week its the best!!
Its amazing to feel the mantle of being a missionary. I can speak easier, and have my mind filled with what to say. Its easier to change and mold yourself into who you want to be. I’m thankful for this experience everyday and I can feel myself changing.
I can feel the power of prayer here also, and I can feel all of your prayers so thank you.
Yo se que dios nos ama, y quiere nos ser muy feliz. Yo se que nuestro salvador, Jesucristo vive.
Have a good week!! I love you all.
Elder Cloof

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