Week 9-” I’m really enjoying my mission and the growth that’s happening”


Well another week down in San Blas. Que padre. I really like it here. Its freakin hot but I can manage. I’m straight learning Spanish. I’m getting better. I can understand just about everything through context and I’m getting better at understanding all the words. Its a blessing from Dios.

Hmm this week was a quick one. We had divisions with the Elders from Villa Hildalgo. I was with Elder Angulo, who doesn’t spick a lick of English. It was a blast. Hes from Ecuador so it was like listening to a song every time he spoke. I love him, I want to be his comp some day.

We found a kid named Alexander a couple days ago. He’s about the same height as me and same build and he loves basketball and fútbol. He isn’t an investigator yet, but I have hope. We are gonna hoop together sometime. Pray for him to want to hear from us and to have the desire to take out his awful lip ring.
San Blas hasn’t had very much success in the last few years. We are working hard and seeing some miracles. Our branch has 550 members, but only about 50 attend each week. This is our biggest challenge. The members will accompany us to lessons and share testimony but they don’t want to do anything for themselves. That’s the hardest part.

If you want to have a life changing experience. Look up how to make the different Mexican waters(Fruit, jamaica, horchata, barley, avena) they are so good. I love them.

I’m really enjoying my mission and the growth that’s happening. Its fun to set personal goals every morning and try to accomplish them. It’s seriously fun and I think you guys should do it. I want to apply it after the mish and such.

I feel all the prayers, and I need them so keep it up. Pray for me because tomorrow and Tuesday are Day of the Dead so I might get killed. But its okay I’m serving the Lord. Also there’s a fat strike going on right now because the workers aren’t getting paid. Imagine like 500 people sitting in the middle of the town in like Beaver, that’s what its like.

I saw 5 iguanas this week. Ellos son bien padre. I love you all have a good week!


Elder Cluff
Drinking water out of a coconut



Week 8-“I don’t want any of you to worry about me, because I heard the Whip and Nae Nae this week so…… God is good.”

Hello Everyone!

     This week has been great. I’m really starting to feel like a missionary, and even a successful one sometimes.

I feel a lot more situated and I dont miss a lot of the things I was struggling with at the beginning. I don’t want any of you to worry about me, because I heard the Whip and Nae Nae this week so…… God is good. What a blessing.

We have a couple progressing investigators, and they were at church this week so that was good, I feel great when I see the people we work with come to church. The hardest thing is that everyone commits to do anything we ask but then they don”t. 🙂

I’ve been tired this week. But so has my companion. Haha we were doing comp study the other morning and it was his turn to read and it was quiet for like 5 seconds so I looked up and he was passsseeeddd out. I didn’t wake him up and I put my head on my desk and took a little nap. I know it was the wrong choice, but I was tired.

The food here is sooo good and they feed us all the time. The other day I was at a members house and the food looked really plain so I put 4 spoonfuls of salsa on one little taco and ate it. My mouth went numb and was on fire for like 30 minutes. I then noticed that even the Mexicans only put a tiny little dab on theirs. It was so hot.

I learn something new everyday, and I strengthen relationships everyday as well. I’m really starting to enjoy it here and I’m thankful for this opportunity. I love the Book of Mormon and I know its true. We have been focusing on it a lot the last couple weeks and I just know that it’s the truth. I’m so thankful for the words it has for me everyday. I know it can bless all lives and through the study of it daily we can be protected from the craziness in the world.

I love hearing from everyone so keep it coming! I hope everyone is doing alright. Jesus Christ went through whatever you are right now so you should be fine. Lean on him and it will work out.

Be safe and have a good week!!

God bless America land that I love!

Elder Cluff


Week 6- ” I don’t know a lot of Spanish, but I know I enough to look someone in the eye and testify to them that I know that the gospel is true.”


I survived week 1 in the mission field! It’s going to take some time to get used to this, but I’m excited. Its 100% different than anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s hot as can be and the most humid place I’ve ever been. I’ll adjust I hope.

     Our area has 550 members but only 50 are active. So we have some work to do. The members love to meet with us and promise us things but never follow through haha. But I know we just have to keep working.

     This culture is so different. Everyone is so kind and everyone will listen to us and feed us and help us which is a blessing. I love the people. There are probably 20 million dogs walking the streets of San Blas. I can bear testimony of why there are 20 million dogs here, I see it everyday lol. There’s also tons of geckos here. They are like skin color and in the night when they crawl by the lights you can see right through them. I saw one eat a bee last night and I could see it inside the gecko haha it was awesome. Rats crawl up the walls of the peoples homes while we teach them, it’s quite the experience. The other thing that is crazy to me is that the Mexican women love to feed their children, and not in private haha it’s out of control to be honest. I like it here though and I cant wait to become part of this culture.

     The hardest thing so far, that I wasn’t expecting, is just trying to accept the fact that I’m going to be here for two years haha. That and the language are the hardest things. I’m starting to understand more but it’s still hard to speak. I hope that I will improve fast.

I had the opportunity to clean the church this week. Haha try to imagine cleaning a Mexican church. I have a new respect for mothers who pretty much clean a Mexican church everyday. Moms are the best. Especially mine.

     I’m already learning so much, and I can feel growth even just in the first week here. I don’t know a lot of Spanish, but I know I enough to look someone in the eye and testify to them that I know that the gospel is true. I cant wait to be able to better communicate with them. This is definitely already the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I have to rely on the Lord. I know that it will get better with time, but I’m already really enjoying it. Keep praying for me though.

Yo quierio compartir mi testimonio. Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera. Yo se que Jesucristo vive y murio por nuestro pecados. Mediante Él, podemos ser limpio, y podemos hacer todo. Yo se que Dios nos ama y nos quiere a regresar vivir con Él.

     I love you all, and I’m thankful for the prayers I feel. Please email me, I’d love to hear from everyone!!

Godspeed fam!


Elder Cluff in his new hammock

Week 6-“Overall its not about what I see or what the circumstances, these people need the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so do we.”

On Monday I left the CCM for Guadalajara at 2:30am. It was an adventure and a little sad to say goodbye to my friends, especially two of them who weren’t going to be going to the mission, and returning home. It was a little hard on our district.

I arrived in Guadalajara around 8 or 9 and then the first thing they had us do was go work a normal day with a companionship. I got to work with Elder Viviana from Hurricane Utah and Elder Florres from somewhere in Mexico. I absolutely loved it. It was so fun but so much walking. My favorite part was reading the Book of Mormon with a member named Roberto. He was 15 and I loved him lots. It was kind of sad that whole day because I met a lot of people I knew I probably wouldn’t be serving any time soon. When we got back to the apartment I went to take a shower. Lol there wasn’t a shower head and there was a soda bottle with holes poked in the bottom taped to the pipe. So that was my first shower experience here.

Tuesday was just a fat training all day long and we got to spend a lot of time with Presidente Clayton and Hermana Clayton. I love them both so much and I’m so thankful for them. They were so welcoming right from the start. Towards the end of the day we received our trainers. Mine is Elder Taylor from California, right by Roseville! He seems pretty cool. He is obedient, and I’ve already learned from him. We were assigned to the San Blas area right outside Puerto Vallarta. Its about 6 hours from the mission offices, so we drove about half way that night and stayed with some elders. It was so fun it was straight Latinos. They called me gringo all night, but they were cool. The shower experience improved here, but this time Ihad to flush the toilet by pulling the plug in the back of the toilet to flush.

We woke up this morning and took a bus the rest of the way to San Blas. It’s so freaking hot here. Like humid as can be. I haven’t been dry in hours. It’s awesome. We had lunch with a member couple today. They were so nice and the food was dankkkkk (super good). We read the Book of Mormon with them and the husband started sobbing because he feels bad about his past. We read from D&C 58 with them and he seemed comforted but I’m not sure cause I dont know Spanish.I dont know what language they were teaching us in the CCM but it wasn’t Spanish. God speed Elder Cluff!  We have an appointment with some less actives a little later so we will see how that goes.

The homes I’ve had the opportunity to sit in have been very humble. Usually a couch and some windows with no glass and one light bulb in the middle of the room. I’ve already been humbled and I know that will continue to happen everyday. Especially since I only speak broken Spanish and can barely understand what they are saying. I absolutely love it. It’s going to be hard, and take some serious adjusting but I can feel a deep love for this work already. It’s seriously crazy to see some of this stuff. I saw four people on a Moped yesterday, and last night I saw a fairly limp body in the basket of a bike. There are  dogs everywhere, and I’ve already taken like 30 taxis. Never have I done that before but esta bien.  I love him and his Gospel and I know its true! Pictures next week!!!

PS pray for me to have the gift of tongues
Elder Cluff
Elder Cluffs first look at Mexico

“We are grateful for this valiant son of our Father in Heaven as he joins us here in the Mexico Guadalajara Mission.”

Dear Families,


We are delighted to have met Elder Cluff. He began today with us here at the mission home with breakfast and an interview with President Clayton.

This second day here in the mission included a full day of training and meeting his new companion, his trainer Taylor.

His first area will be in Santiago, in the district of San Blas 1.

We are grateful for your son’s willingness of heart and positive attitude.

We are grateful for this valiant son of our Father in Heaven as he joins us here in the Mexico Guadalajara Mission.


with love,

Sister Clayton

Elder Cluff and his trainer Elder Taylor
All the new missionaries and their trainers
Ready to get to work!


“These first few days will be an adjustment, but we know that Lord will strengthen and bless them as they begin their service.”

Dear families,


I thought I would send just a quick note letting you know that your missionary has arrived safe and sound!

We picked them up at the airport this morning, and have arranged for them to join a threesome companionship from right here in Guadalajara for their first day of missionary service.

We begin our first full day of training tomorrow.

I will send another update with pictures of them with their new trainers, and will let you know of their first assignment in the next few days.


Thank you for your faith and prayers in their behalf.  These first few days will be an adjustment, but we know that Lord will strengthen and bless them as they begin their service.


much love,

Sister Clayton


Elder Cluff and President and Sister Clayton

Fresh off the plane
He looks a little stunned
All the new missionaries