Week 8-“I don’t want any of you to worry about me, because I heard the Whip and Nae Nae this week so…… God is good.”

Hello Everyone!

     This week has been great. I’m really starting to feel like a missionary, and even a successful one sometimes.

I feel a lot more situated and I dont miss a lot of the things I was struggling with at the beginning. I don’t want any of you to worry about me, because I heard the Whip and Nae Nae this week so…… God is good. What a blessing.

We have a couple progressing investigators, and they were at church this week so that was good, I feel great when I see the people we work with come to church. The hardest thing is that everyone commits to do anything we ask but then they don”t. 🙂

I’ve been tired this week. But so has my companion. Haha we were doing comp study the other morning and it was his turn to read and it was quiet for like 5 seconds so I looked up and he was passsseeeddd out. I didn’t wake him up and I put my head on my desk and took a little nap. I know it was the wrong choice, but I was tired.

The food here is sooo good and they feed us all the time. The other day I was at a members house and the food looked really plain so I put 4 spoonfuls of salsa on one little taco and ate it. My mouth went numb and was on fire for like 30 minutes. I then noticed that even the Mexicans only put a tiny little dab on theirs. It was so hot.

I learn something new everyday, and I strengthen relationships everyday as well. I’m really starting to enjoy it here and I’m thankful for this opportunity. I love the Book of Mormon and I know its true. We have been focusing on it a lot the last couple weeks and I just know that it’s the truth. I’m so thankful for the words it has for me everyday. I know it can bless all lives and through the study of it daily we can be protected from the craziness in the world.

I love hearing from everyone so keep it coming! I hope everyone is doing alright. Jesus Christ went through whatever you are right now so you should be fine. Lean on him and it will work out.

Be safe and have a good week!!

God bless America land that I love!

Elder Cluff



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