Week 9-” I’m really enjoying my mission and the growth that’s happening”


Well another week down in San Blas. Que padre. I really like it here. Its freakin hot but I can manage. I’m straight learning Spanish. I’m getting better. I can understand just about everything through context and I’m getting better at understanding all the words. Its a blessing from Dios.

Hmm this week was a quick one. We had divisions with the Elders from Villa Hildalgo. I was with Elder Angulo, who doesn’t spick a lick of English. It was a blast. Hes from Ecuador so it was like listening to a song every time he spoke. I love him, I want to be his comp some day.

We found a kid named Alexander a couple days ago. He’s about the same height as me and same build and he loves basketball and fútbol. He isn’t an investigator yet, but I have hope. We are gonna hoop together sometime. Pray for him to want to hear from us and to have the desire to take out his awful lip ring.
San Blas hasn’t had very much success in the last few years. We are working hard and seeing some miracles. Our branch has 550 members, but only about 50 attend each week. This is our biggest challenge. The members will accompany us to lessons and share testimony but they don’t want to do anything for themselves. That’s the hardest part.

If you want to have a life changing experience. Look up how to make the different Mexican waters(Fruit, jamaica, horchata, barley, avena) they are so good. I love them.

I’m really enjoying my mission and the growth that’s happening. Its fun to set personal goals every morning and try to accomplish them. It’s seriously fun and I think you guys should do it. I want to apply it after the mish and such.

I feel all the prayers, and I need them so keep it up. Pray for me because tomorrow and Tuesday are Day of the Dead so I might get killed. But its okay I’m serving the Lord. Also there’s a fat strike going on right now because the workers aren’t getting paid. Imagine like 500 people sitting in the middle of the town in like Beaver, that’s what its like.

I saw 5 iguanas this week. Ellos son bien padre. I love you all have a good week!


Elder Cluff
Drinking water out of a coconut



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