Week-10″ I know that through faith we can do anything.”

This week flew by and it was a good one. I got to go to Guadalajara which was so nice. The weather was a treat.
Well is our country in shambles or what? Who’s the new president?
I’m extremely happy to hear the Cubs are the champs. Totally enthralled about that. Its a mission blessing for sure.
Hmm we are seeing blessings here, and hopefully we can capitalize on some of them and have some baptisms. I think we can. I’ve really strengthened my testimony about fasting already and I know it works and helps. Like anything else, it has to do with faith. I know that through faith we can do anything. 
Everyday I can understand more and more Spanish. Its so fun to learn and I’m loving it. I can pretty much say whatever I want or find away around it. I really want to have great grammar so my biggest challenge is that. My companion has awful grammar so I try not to copy him which is also a challenge.
Mexicans are awesome. Not gonna lie I wasn’t a huge fan before the mish. But man I love them they are the best. So humble and kind and patient with a gringo like myself. They love to hear about all of you guys and I love to tell them.
I can feel the spirit so much and that’s my favorite part of the mission so far. Its up to us how much we want to feel the spirit. It is our actions and our thoughts that decide if we can have the spirit or not. I know its much harder in a world where it’s not the center of what you do all day but I challenge all of you to try everyday to focus on feeling the spirit a little bit more, and I promise you you will be blessed.
Sorry it’s a little short this week, but I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that’s as much as you guys need.
I love you all!
Elder Cluff

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