Week 12-” I’m so happy here, happier than I’ve ever been.”


I’m just out here in Mexico straight grinding. The first few weeks in my mission contacting was my least favorite thing. But as I have set goals for myself I have grown to love trying to achieve them. I’m doing so much better at contacting. I even got to play basketball for a little the other day by contacting. It was so good.

     The work here is moving and we are doing better every day. There are tons of little things that make it harder and just suck, but when we get through those things, and have a little bit of success I just love it. I’m so happy here, happier than I’ve ever been. To anyone that doesn’t know if they want to serve or should serve, I promise this joy is what you want. It’s what you want. Its hard, but it’s what you want.
      Well it’s Thanksgiving this week, I hope you all enjoy it, I’ll probably be teaching the restoration somewhere, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanksgiving isn’t really a big deal here. Watch all the football games for me and eat mad pumpkin pie. I’ve got Kinder Eggs here so I’m good.

     I’m learning Spanish everyday and it’s fun, I’m enjoying it but I just want to know it all already!! But it’s fun to feel the gift of tongues everyday. I think I’ve given 6 or 7 blessings in Spanish since I’ve been here and those are the hardest but the most spiritual. I love it!

     I only have 5 more weeks of training and then I’ll be a veteran. I can’t wait to see what the next weeks bring. I always love splits and stuff cause it’s just a little different from normal days and I get to be with Mexican Elders which I love.

     Tonight we are going to have a couple family home evenings. It should be good I love teaching the families here.

     I’m having a hard time focusing this week because the kid sitting next to me is a FIFA wizard. I’ve never seen anyone this good. Every five seconds I hear GOAALLLL. It’s nuts. Anyway back to the things pertaining to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The spirit is so strong, and I love having it all the time. I love to read the Book of Mormon here cause I’m absolutely hooked. I learn so much. I want to invite anyone who has a husband or wife that reads this to make sure you read the scriptures together. I obviously don’t have a wife, but I know if you do that your relationship will strengthen.

     I know this church is true and I’m thankful for these 2 years I get to share it. I hope all of you are receiving the blessings you need. I love you!! and pray for you, please pray for me!

Elder Cluff


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