Week 14-“Everything worked out perfectly for Yoselin to enter the waters of baptism and make covenants with our Heavenly Father”

Its been a good week fam. A few days full of canceled appointments and un buen de camino but all is well in San Blas.

On Saturday we had a baptism. We got to the church like an hour early to make sure everything we alright and the font was full and stuff. Well it just so happens that everything wasn’t alright. The font had like an inch of water. So clearly we filled the font with buckets for the full hour before the baptism. BUT of course everything worked out perfectly for Yoselin to enter the waters of baptism and make covenants with our Heavenly Father. It was amazing to see and it was such a special feeling to have my first baptism. I wont forget it.

Man but on Friday we walked all the day long and all of our appointments fell through. We  were on splits with the zone leaders and i was with an elder that likes basketball as much as I do so we had a good time. They days feel like weeks when we don’t have appointments.
Its been raining like crazy here the last 3 days. Its nice cause it’s really cool right now and a lot of the people say it will stay pretty nice until like March. Some of them even say they wear a sweater at night but I really doubt it.
I’ve been jump roping like mad every morning. When I get back I’m going to dunk on all of you. That’s the goal. Heavenly Father is going to help me.
Man I’m learning a ton from the New Testament. I love studying it. Hermana Clayton told me that if I study it hard and write down my feelings about Jesus Christ after. That I will never be the same. That I will tell my friends and family that “I studied the New Testament during the month of Diciembre on my mission and I will never be the same” I think that’s quite the promise. I’m going to finish in December. I’m already learning a ton about my Savior.
Man I’m loving the mission. It’s a blast. It’s hard work but it’s fun. I hope everyone is having a great December! Focus on the Savior and why we really have Christmas. Man I miss home a little during Christmas, especially during the devo last night. It was great wasn’t it?
Pray and Fast for Duke Basketball.
Love you guys
Elder Cluff

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