Week 16-“Sometimes I forget that I’m a missionary until I find myself standing on a chair tying a mini Nerf basketball hoop to the wall.”

Buenas Tardes

   This morning i woke up at about 4:30 laughing so hard. HAHA i had the funniest dream but i cant remember it. I found myself laughing at the fact that this happened all day. But I laughed and that’s the best news.
   Man this week was kind of uneventful. It felt like we did a whole bunch of work and didn’t have any success. But then Sunday rolled around and we had 20 less actives in Sacrament meeting. So that was an answer to prayers and super awesome to see.
   This is the last week of the transfer and Christmas. There are a few Christmas decorations and stuff but for the most part it doesn’t feel a ton like Christmas. I’m on the beach and its hot so I guess that’s expected.
   Ha I’m fairly adjusted to being a missionary and it doesn’t feel like a new thing anymore. In fact sometimes I forget that I’m a missionary until I find myself standing on a chair tying a mini Nerf basketball hoop to the wall. You already know I straight ball every night. One of my mission besties that went home left it for me as my inheritance. So dope. Also just so all of you know, there is a mission veil. It exists. For example. JamestheMormon has a cover of Angels We Have Heard on High and it is so dope. Before the mission that phrase never would have left my mouth. But its dope.
   I’m liking Mexico. Its pretty cool. Coconut water straight from the coco is a major game changer. Heard its good for you too. Who knows.
   I’m learning Spanish tho. Its so fun. I’m looking forward to learning more everyday.
   Well its about Christmas so feliz navidad a todo. I hope everyone enjoys it. Read the New Testamant about all that Jesus did and his sacrifice for us. Take a second to think about why we really have Christmas and try to think of how you can try a little harder to be a little more like Jesus. You’ll find more happiness if you do I promise. I love you all. Hope all is well and everyone has a safe week.
Feliz Navidad!
Elder Cluff

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