Jackson’s testimony for our wards Christmas Program


  • I have been able to study a lot about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ this
    month. I feel a newfound closeness to him that I haven’t felt before and it makes
    me want to be better. It’s often easy to get caught up in thinking about ourselves
    and our own interests, but when we think about Jesus Christ and his example,
    we recognize that His thoughts were never centered on Himself. There are
    countless stories of Him, setting aside His own comfort to heal and bless others.
    We can best feel the love of the Savior, and have the pure love of Christ by
    losing ourselves in the service of others.
    I love Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for Him. As a missionary, and as I have
    come to know Him more personally, I feel his love all the time. I can feel him
    helping me through my mission. and as I teach others about Him, I can feel His
    perfect love for them. I know that he loves each one of us so much that He gave
    his life for each of us. Without Him, we are nothing, that is a truth I have come to
    understand. I have learned it for myself and I have seen it in the lives of others.
    Howard W Hunter said, “Without Jesus Christ nothing can go permanently right,
    with Him nothing can go permanently wrong.”
    How wonderful is it that our Heavenly Father has given us the gift of his Son?
    Because of Him, there is always hope; there is always light, and there is always a
    way out. Through our Savior, who loves us so much, we can be forgiven and we
    can be clean. I can’t think of a greater gift or a greater demonstration of love than
    that. Because He died for us, we only have one option. Jesus Christ is the only
    way. I know that as we do our best to become like Him, and give him our all, we
    will receive blessings so much greater than we can imagine. Our families will be
    stronger, our love will be deeper, and our testimonies will become stronger. We
    will be able to make it through all the hardships and temptations we face. He is
    our light and our hope, and our loving brother. This is my testimony in the name
    of Jesus Christ Amen.



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