Week 19-“When we follow the spirit, we see miracles.”

This was a good long week. Full of some good, some bad, and a couple really long days. I can say that this week I had one of the toughest days of the mission, but also I had one of the best weeks full of some of the best memories. I’m going to paint a picture for you guys… Just imagine walking down a street in Mexico, it’s dusk, the sun is setting into the ocean and there is just a fantastic mariachi band doing their thing on the side of the road.(of course 14 people on a moped are included in this image. 48 dogs as well. you can throw some chickens in there if its something that you would like to do.) That’s exactly one of the things I experienced this week. I forgot I was in Mexico for a little bit but I was reminded quickly. I love it here believe it or not.

The coolest thing that happened this week was probably seeing 18 less actives in sacrament meeting. That just warmed my little missionary heart. I also taught a class this week in the Spanish language about the work we do in temples. Imagine teaching that to about 30 people that haven’t been to the temple. It was awesome though and I was guided by the spirit. When we follow the spirit, we see miracles. Every single day that I’m here is a miracle. I was thinking about that today. I’m 18 and I couldn’t speak a lick of Spanish 4 months ago but somehow I’m here right now and the people are understanding me and I’m helping people come unto Chirst. Yeah it’s a miracle. It’s sweet too.
The week was slow in reference to the investigators. We just had a baptism but we don’t have much planned for the next few weeks with them. We are focusing on finding new people to teach. One of the things we have been doing is focusing on handing out Books of Mormon. We were walking one day, and it was a slow day and we didn’t have any appointments. So I just decided, hey lets set a little goal to hand out 2 books in a half hour. We did it. Exactly at 4:30 we handed out the second. Little goals help the days go by faster. We handed out 8 books in 3 hours doing the same thing.
I had a little bit of a hard week and was really stressed because my comp hasn’t been helping me with any paper work and he loves to sleep in. I’ve been using the time I have while he is sleeping in or going to the bathroom for literally 45 minutes to study a little bit. I’ve been learning a lot and feel like I’m growing in my knowledge of the Gospel. I really have a ton I still need to learn, but one step at a time right? I really am going to focus on how to become a better teacher this week. If you have any suggestions hmu. I would love that.
My comp is awesome tho. We can’t go 5 minutes without laughing super hard about something. He thinks it’s so funny when I speak Mexican (like slang Spanish ha) he laughs so hard.
We are going to work harder this week. And every week to come. There is always something we can improve. When we focus on improving something everyday, our will aligns with Gods and we will feel a real love for our Heavenly Father. I have a lot I want to improve but I’m getting to the point where I feel legit sorrow and disappointment when I mess up or don’t do my best. I’m thankful for the opportunity I have to be here serving. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life in Mexico serving the Lord. haha!
Que esten bien y que dios les bendiga
Elder Cloof
PS dont pet the dogs

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