Week 20-“When we really focus and thank Him and focus our prayers on others and the will of god, then we see miracles and our faith grows.”

It has been a great week here in San Blas. It’s super nice out today and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I’ve been sipping horchata all morning and I’m just content. God is speeding the right. Sunday was good and we had quite a few less actives in church. 14 this week, so that was a success. I’ve realized this week that right now as we are having a little bit of trouble with investigators, that we can really focus on helping some less actives. We have seen some good success as we really focus on one aspect of the work here.

This week we focused a lot on mini goals. When we do that we have some fun and find progress. It also helps time fly. This week went super fast and this whole mission is flying. It’s super weird.
I’m turning in to a Mexican!  haha. There are like 4 members and my comp that are always teaching me Mexican words. Don’t worry they are good words. But they laugh so hard when I use them. Haha! I feel like I’m starting to understand better how Spanish works. There is a big difference between knowing all the words and grammar and actually knowing how to speak it and use it all. But it’s really cool and I’m loving it.
This week someone tried to rob us here in San Blas. Quiet tranquilo San Blas. He was drunk and he was asking for our money. We told him no and he tried to hit me but he missed haha. Then he said a bad word about my mom and left. 😦  poor guy haha que dios le bendiga or something bc he is strugglin rn.
This week we also found a decently golden investigator. More of a bronze or platinum. He is 12 and a relative of one of my favorite families here. His name is Yahir and he wants to be baptized and says he knows the church is true. His mom is super catholic but we asked him to pray and ask God to soften his moms heart and let him listen to us. The next day he called us and said “My mom said yes!! I can listen to you guys” super awesome and a testimony builder of faith and prayer. I love prayers and I’ve been studying it this week. Sometimes its really hard to focus and really grasp that you’re talking with Heavenly Father. But when we do and we really focus and thank Him and focus our prayers on others and the will of God, then we see miracles and our faith grows. What’s better than an increase of faith? What will help us more than that? Faith is our rock and when we have faith our desires align with the desires of the Lord, we become more obedient, we receive blessings, and we are happy. Focus on the Lord when you pray to him. I try to imagine him sitting on my bed right by me listening. It’s super hard and I fall asleep sometimes on my knees. But I’m trying. And that counts too.
Man I’m loving the mish and I’m thankful for this opportunity. I’m growing and changing but there is still so much more I want to change. Everyday is a learning opportunity and we can choose what we want to get out of our day.
Well that’s my weekly rant. Pray for the crazy people here that want my money and pray for me too haha. I love you all and I’m thankful for the love I feel from home.
Que esten bien y que dios les bendiga.
Hasta próximo
Elder Guapo

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