Week 21-“When I am exactly obedient I don’t need to worry about anything because whatever the Lord calls me to do I will be ready.”

This week has been super good and I have learned a ton. We had Zone Conference this week and of course I learned so much from President and his wife. They are the best teachers in this world. The second they start talking I want to change and be better. It’s super awesome and I love learning from them. Something that really hit me is that we need to know our message. Like yeah I know our message and I can teach, but I started thinking and it hit me that I can really learn so much more and I need to learn and study so much more. So I have really focused my study this week on the Doctrine of Christ and I have felt a difference in my week and studies.

Right after zone conference we had exchanges with the assistants and that was so dope. I learned so so much. I love our assistants, they are both so awesome and we had a great day and a fun night too. Something I learned from both of them and something I’m working on is how we should pray and talk with Heavenly Ffather. Elder Uribe from Cancún and I were contacting and he contacted a family and this family was really struggling. They don’t have a house right now and they seemed pretty worried. Elder Uribe bowed his head to leave them with a prayer and even the way he said “dear Heavenly Father” hit me so hard. I felt the spirit super strong. I could really tell that he knew that he was talking to Heavenly Father and it was something important to him. Later that night before bed, Elder Contreras offered the prayer before bed and the same thing happend. I was like, “wow are my prayers even half of how they should be?” I’ve really focused on my prayers this week and I can feel a difference in them. I’m glad that we have the assistants that we do, and I truly know they are called of God.
What I’ve really been thinking about and feeling this week is the importance of these two years in my life. I’ve been thinking that I really want to do my part and I know that the Lord is and will continue to do his. When I am exactly obedient I don’t need to worry about anything because whatever the Lord calls me to do I will be ready. I love missionary work and this is really becoming my mission. I hit 5 months today and I’m a little bummed cause I feel bad its taken me 5 months to learn some of these things, but I’m excited I still have a year and a half to apply them. I love being a missionary and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. My faith is growing and I am changing as I more fully live this gospel. I’m thankful for the blessings and trials I have had everyday, which are shaping and molding me into the person and missionary the Lord wants. I pray for you all and I’m thankful for your support. Have a great week.

Que Dios les bendiga.

Elder Cluff


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