week 22-“Most of you probably don’t have 20 of anything.”


This week has been great. We were out of our area for a couple of days because we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and the District Leader too. Both days were good but super long full of walking. It seems like all of the investigators gather together and decide to cancel all the appointments when we have exchanges. We almost always walk all day during exchanges. It’s the worst. But it’s fun to hang with other elders every once in a while.

So this week in our area we didn’t have a lot of lessons, but on Saturday and Sunday we straight worked. We had 12 lessons in 2 days all with a member. It was super good and a great feeling to work that hard.
This new mission schedule is super awesome and I love it. It feels like we have more time and I can focus better, and get more full studies. I really know that this new schedule comes from the Lord. It’s not easier, it’s just different and it’s better.
This week kind of sucked with investigators. We lost one that we really thought we were going to baptize. She was listening and we were having fun and we were friends and one day she just said she didn’t want to listen anymore. I was really sad, but I was reminded by the spirit that it’s not her time, and that I dont need to be worried. I’m a little sad still, but I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for her.
We had another great week in sacrament meeting. 20 less actives!! 20!!! Most of you probably don’t have 20 of anything. ahaha. Heavenly Father is blessing us with success in that area of the work.
So there is a legendary elder from our mission named Elder Botch. He went home about a year ago. But he is legendary because he spoke really good Spanish and he also because he was super funny and spoke in almost all slang haha. All of the missionaries here really loved him and talk about him a lot. Today we were eating lunch with some other missionaries and one of them told me that I was going to be the next Elder Botch. It was a super good compliment haha. I’ve learned so much funny slang (non of it is bad) and it makes learning Spanish more fun.

I’m loving the work more and more everyday. It’s hard and a lot of work but it’s just so good and there is so much happiness. I feel the spirit so strong so often and I really love it. I really love Jesus Christ and what he did for each one of us. I love our Father in Heaven. He knows each one of us and desires happiness for us. We find that happiness as we obey him and do the things we have been taught through his mouthpiece here on earth, prophets. I hope we can all try a little harder to be a little better this week.

I love you all!

Elder Cluff



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