Week 26-“I’m really ready to live for my mission. and I’d invite you to really live for this gospel everyday.”

Well folks I turned 19 this week and hit 6 months in the mission. What a week. Lots of people made it a good couple of days. One of my zone leaders told me happy birthday about every 5 minutes the whole entire day. Haha I love him. We got some good basketball in this week, my comp insists that I teach him to dribble between his legs. So we are working on that everyday at 6am.

This week we had District Conference and interviews with President Clayton. I learned a ton and the talk from the Mission Presidency and the District.  They felt like talks from apostles. I really felt the spirit strong and was able to note a lot of things that I want to work on.

We were told to bring one specific question to our interview with president. I was talking to him and we had a great interview. Then I asked him my question “President, I’m really trying hard out here and I’m obeying the rules and I feel the spirit with me, but I dont feel like I’m really impacting the lives of the people here. What should I do?” He started to talk to me about how God really knows each one of us perfectly and how we need to be patient and realize that everything is in His time. The council that he really gave me was “You need to LIVE for the mission. I know your being obedient and trying your best. But you have to wake up with your mission in your mind and have the mentality to talk to everyone and share this gospel.” I really love the phrase “live for it” I’m out here straight grinding teaching repentance and baptizing converts, but there is MORE. I need to change how I’m thinking sometimes. I need to really have the mentality to talk to every person here. Sometimes we get in a hurry walking from appointment to appointment and we forget there are people waiting for us. I’m really ready to live for my mission. and I’d invite you to really live for this gospel everyday. What are your goals? What are the goals you have for your kids and loved ones? What are you actually doing to help these goals be reached?

I know that God loves us. I know that we are His children and I know that he will help us to follow him. I know that only through His Son we can return to live with Him. I’m thankful to be here serving my Savior.

Adios, Bye Bye

Elder Cluff


Week 25-“It was like they were waiting for us.”


This week has been real good. We had the opportunity to work in Guadalajara this week and it was awesome and I really fell in love with some of the families that we got to work with and I hope I’ll get to see them again during my mission again. It’s the weirdest feeling as a missionary because you literally fall in love with all the people and it’s nuts. I never felt this love for people before the mish. (besides my fam of course).

It’s really starting to get hot here. But it’s really sad because the really hot season starts in like 2 months. So I’m gonna melt, but imma do it with a Book of Mormon in la mano so everything is alright.

We had a really good time working in the city and we saw a little bit of success. I got to talk in church of course since we were visiting. It was good and I really felt the gift of tongues and really actually enjoyed it.
One thing I really felt though this week as I was in a different area was that I really am called to serve in my area. I was able to teach with the spirit but not able to receive revelation for the people there. I really felt a desire to be in Santiago.
Well we got back and started working and immediately set a baptismal date, and gave two blessings. It was super awesome to get back and do that so quick after arriving. It was like they were waiting for us. 
This week we will have interviews with President and I’m really excited to talk to him and Sister Clayton. They are the best and I love to meet with them. They are really called of God to lead this mission and they do it with their whole soul and I can visibly see the sacrifice that they so willingly give everyday.
This week will be full of good, hard work and hopefully we can find some new investigators. Pray for us to find the people that are ready to listen.

I really know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and wants us to talk to him. I know that he answers prayers and l’m so thankful for that. I know that we have a Savior who died for us and loves us more than we can imagine. I know that as we put them first we will see miracles and blessings in our lives.

Love you all,

Elder Cluff

Week 24-“I have built a great testimony of prayer.”


This week has been great. I still dont feel like I really know whats happening in my area but hopefully I can start to get it down. I’ve met a few families and they are really nice. Our branch president is a good president, but man he is super strict and hard on everyone. It kinda sucks cause the sarcastic comments are always in my mind and I have to fight to keep them in. But really I know that he is called of God to lead this branch so I’m going to support him and do what he asks.

My comp, Elder Pacheco, is like the coolest person I’ve ever met. He is super funny and has like the same type of humor as I do so we get along super well and I’m enjoying it. He also works super hard and is obedient so it’s gonna be a super awesome transfer. It kinda sucks cause hes been in Santiago for like 5 months already so it’s almost certain we won’t have more than one transfer together. So I’m really going to enjoy it.

I am super grateful for all of the prayers that you guys say for me. I really feel them and I’m not lying. Thank you a ton, they really help. I have built a great testimony of prayer. I know that the Lord listens to us and blesses us.

My comp has a video downloaded of how to turn fat ties into skinny ties so we’ve been doing that every night before bed. It’s super awesome. Our first one was super super ugly but we are getting better and we are gonna hook up some of the missionaries in our zone real nice.

Hahaha a quick funny story. Our zone leaders want us to have like a zone shirt with a logo from each district in our zone on the shirt. My comp is the district leader so they asked us to draw up a logo and send it to them to put on the shirt. Well our district is only my comp and I and a bunch of sister missionaries. When me and my comp were talking about what we could do for a logo he looked at me and said “just print off the relief society logo and give it to the zone leaders.” hahah I thought it was super funny and I laughed pretty hard. Hes always saying “I’m not a district leader I’m a Relief Society president.”

That’s my week for yall. If you need a skinny tie or anything aqui estamos.

I freakin love Spanish by the way and I’m quickly become the king of slang (only with missionaries of course) haha. But honestly slang is helping me better understand how to really speak Spanish.

Love you all a lot. Thanks for all you do for me.

Elder Cluff



Wellllll I just finished my LAST week in San Blas. How sad. But really I feel relaxed and okay. I got transferred to Santiago, which is still in the same zone that I was in. I’m like 30 minutes from San Blas so that’s okay….

On the real though. San Blas changed my life. The people touched my life and I feel a love for them that I didn’t know was possible to feel. What a blessing. I will miss San Blas but I know I will feel the same way about the people here in Santiago.
My new comp is named Elder Pacheco and he’s from Peru. Hes is super short and super awesome. He is a hard worker. He is super funny and I already knew him because we’ve been in the same zone 3 transfers now. But we get along great and we are already laughing.
This week I ate octopus. It was really good but didn’t have much flavor. More like gum or something. I’ve eaten a few weird things. Pig tongue, pig feet, cow intestines(super good) and other stuff. I love it all, it’s super weird haha. I’m really loving the mish.

It’s starting to get super hot and I’m not excited about that. I’m gonna burn here. I’m going to melt. That’s alright though I’m serving the Lord.

This last week was good though. There is a Sister here and I told here a while ago that I really love cheesecake. She told me she would make it for me for my birthday if I was still in San Blas. Well on Saturday she realized that it was possible, not certain, but possible that I wasn’t going to be in San Blas for my birthday. She stayed up making a Cheesecake until 3 am Sunday morning just for me. That’s the kind of people I am around. The cheesecake was good but not amazing but that’s not wha’ts important. She took so much time for me to make me happy. I love the people here and I feel so blessed to be here.
This week should be more interesting and I will have a lot to share next week. But I’m really excited to be here. I know that the transfers are inspired and sacred and the Lord knows exactly where I am. How lucky are we to have that knowledge?  I know when we finally get the courage to share it that we will be blessed. IF YOU LOVE IT, SHARE IT.

Have a good week fam.

Elder Cluff

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