Wellllll I just finished my LAST week in San Blas. How sad. But really I feel relaxed and okay. I got transferred to Santiago, which is still in the same zone that I was in. I’m like 30 minutes from San Blas so that’s okay….

On the real though. San Blas changed my life. The people touched my life and I feel a love for them that I didn’t know was possible to feel. What a blessing. I will miss San Blas but I know I will feel the same way about the people here in Santiago.
My new comp is named Elder Pacheco and he’s from Peru. Hes is super short and super awesome. He is a hard worker. He is super funny and I already knew him because we’ve been in the same zone 3 transfers now. But we get along great and we are already laughing.
This week I ate octopus. It was really good but didn’t have much flavor. More like gum or something. I’ve eaten a few weird things. Pig tongue, pig feet, cow intestines(super good) and other stuff. I love it all, it’s super weird haha. I’m really loving the mish.

It’s starting to get super hot and I’m not excited about that. I’m gonna burn here. I’m going to melt. That’s alright though I’m serving the Lord.

This last week was good though. There is a Sister here and I told here a while ago that I really love cheesecake. She told me she would make it for me for my birthday if I was still in San Blas. Well on Saturday she realized that it was possible, not certain, but possible that I wasn’t going to be in San Blas for my birthday. She stayed up making a Cheesecake until 3 am Sunday morning just for me. That’s the kind of people I am around. The cheesecake was good but not amazing but that’s not wha’ts important. She took so much time for me to make me happy. I love the people here and I feel so blessed to be here.
This week should be more interesting and I will have a lot to share next week. But I’m really excited to be here. I know that the transfers are inspired and sacred and the Lord knows exactly where I am. How lucky are we to have that knowledge?  I know when we finally get the courage to share it that we will be blessed. IF YOU LOVE IT, SHARE IT.

Have a good week fam.

Elder Cluff

week-22-1week-22-2Tomada con Lumia Selfie


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