Week 25-“It was like they were waiting for us.”


This week has been real good. We had the opportunity to work in Guadalajara this week and it was awesome and I really fell in love with some of the families that we got to work with and I hope I’ll get to see them again during my mission again. It’s the weirdest feeling as a missionary because you literally fall in love with all the people and it’s nuts. I never felt this love for people before the mish. (besides my fam of course).

It’s really starting to get hot here. But it’s really sad because the really hot season starts in like 2 months. So I’m gonna melt, but imma do it with a Book of Mormon in la mano so everything is alright.

We had a really good time working in the city and we saw a little bit of success. I got to talk in church of course since we were visiting. It was good and I really felt the gift of tongues and really actually enjoyed it.
One thing I really felt though this week as I was in a different area was that I really am called to serve in my area. I was able to teach with the spirit but not able to receive revelation for the people there. I really felt a desire to be in Santiago.
Well we got back and started working and immediately set a baptismal date, and gave two blessings. It was super awesome to get back and do that so quick after arriving. It was like they were waiting for us. 
This week we will have interviews with President and I’m really excited to talk to him and Sister Clayton. They are the best and I love to meet with them. They are really called of God to lead this mission and they do it with their whole soul and I can visibly see the sacrifice that they so willingly give everyday.
This week will be full of good, hard work and hopefully we can find some new investigators. Pray for us to find the people that are ready to listen.

I really know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and wants us to talk to him. I know that he answers prayers and l’m so thankful for that. I know that we have a Savior who died for us and loves us more than we can imagine. I know that as we put them first we will see miracles and blessings in our lives.

Love you all,

Elder Cluff


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