Week 26-“I’m really ready to live for my mission. and I’d invite you to really live for this gospel everyday.”

Well folks I turned 19 this week and hit 6 months in the mission. What a week. Lots of people made it a good couple of days. One of my zone leaders told me happy birthday about every 5 minutes the whole entire day. Haha I love him. We got some good basketball in this week, my comp insists that I teach him to dribble between his legs. So we are working on that everyday at 6am.

This week we had District Conference and interviews with President Clayton. I learned a ton and the talk from the Mission Presidency and the District.  They felt like talks from apostles. I really felt the spirit strong and was able to note a lot of things that I want to work on.

We were told to bring one specific question to our interview with president. I was talking to him and we had a great interview. Then I asked him my question “President, I’m really trying hard out here and I’m obeying the rules and I feel the spirit with me, but I dont feel like I’m really impacting the lives of the people here. What should I do?” He started to talk to me about how God really knows each one of us perfectly and how we need to be patient and realize that everything is in His time. The council that he really gave me was “You need to LIVE for the mission. I know your being obedient and trying your best. But you have to wake up with your mission in your mind and have the mentality to talk to everyone and share this gospel.” I really love the phrase “live for it” I’m out here straight grinding teaching repentance and baptizing converts, but there is MORE. I need to change how I’m thinking sometimes. I need to really have the mentality to talk to every person here. Sometimes we get in a hurry walking from appointment to appointment and we forget there are people waiting for us. I’m really ready to live for my mission. and I’d invite you to really live for this gospel everyday. What are your goals? What are the goals you have for your kids and loved ones? What are you actually doing to help these goals be reached?

I know that God loves us. I know that we are His children and I know that he will help us to follow him. I know that only through His Son we can return to live with Him. I’m thankful to be here serving my Savior.

Adios, Bye Bye

Elder Cluff


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