Week 28-” I know that if we don’t read the Book of Mormon we won’t grow in this Gospel.”


Well this week was super awesome. So I finally met the mother of Napoleon Dynamite. It finally happened. I’ve been waiting several years and bang 6 months into my mission it happened. No, just kidding, but really how weird is that. We had a zone conference with the doctor over the area of Mexico. They came to teach us and it turns out they brought Napoleon Dynamite into this world. I’m sure you can imagine how the conference went.

Aside from all that riot, this week was actually super awesome. Are golden investigator is as golden as ever and we are going to baptize him on Wednesday. I’m pretty pumped.
My comp and I had a great time this week. We went to a little village named Ojos de Agua. You’d think the people there have never seen a white person before haha goodness gracious. Anyway, we found a lady that doesn’t like the idea of baptisms for the dead too much so we will make our way back to Ojos de Agua shortly to clear things up.
We also threw a birthday party for Hermana Perez. She’s super dope so that was a fun day. She’s from my generation, so we are good friends.
I really just enjoyed the mish this week. There is a ton of work to do and we need to find more people to teach, but it was a great week.

I destroyed 1st Nephi this week. I really learned a lot about obedience, faith, and love for the Lord. I really love the example of Nephi. I was really able to apply a lot of it to missionary work.  I love the Book of Mormon. I know that it changes lives. I know that if we don’t read it we won’t grow in this gospel. I see it everyday. You can’t afford to not read the Book of Mormon. It has changed me and is shaping me. If you don’t feel like reading it, forget about your dang feelings and sit down at your kitchen table and give it a good read. You won’t regret it. I know that it’s true and we have it to help us through these latter days. I’m so grateful for it. I know that this Church is true. I know that Thomas S Monson guides it today. Follow the Prophet, he knows the way.

Adiosssssssssssssss bye bye

Elder Cluff

Week 28-1week 28-2

week 28-3
Santiago District
week 28-4
Huge spider, but he says he has seen bigger
week 28-5
Cora de Nayarit (old Indian natives)
week 28-6
A weird pueblito Jackson didn’t like very much
week 28-7
Angelitos baptism
week 28-8
Un cerdito

week 28-9week 28-10


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