Week 31-“As good as the spirit can make you feel, you can feel much worse when you don’t listen.”


I cant even tell you how excited I was all week for Conference. I was talking to one of my mission buds last week, serving in Hermosillo, and he wrote me saying he felt like the biggest nerd because it felt like Christmas. Haha I feel like a very big nerd with freckles and glasses because I was also that excited. Unfortunately I was just as sad when it ended. Anyway, I took a little bit of advice from a loving mission president who asked us all to write down our questions and worries and he promised that we would find the answers…. Like always the promise was fulfilled.

I cant even explain the clarity of my answers. I honestly feel like the apostles read my questions and then wrote their talks. The answers were incredibly clear to very specific questions. Even down to “how should I study the Bible” I invite anyone who has questions and worries that they don’t have answers to, to write them down and go ahead and give conference another listen. Because they are there.

This week went kinda quick. Not super quick. But normal. Heavenly father has been blessing us as usual. We had some super spiritual lessons. That’s how you want it. Felt some super awesome spiritual promptings. I also didn’t act on a spiritual prompting to contact someone. I haven’t been able to forget their face. As good as the spirit can make you feel, you can feel much worse when you don’t listen.  I hope I can find the family again, because well, I’m gonna contact them this time.

The power of the Holy Ghost is so real. Its an amazing gift that we should strive to always have, we will fall short sometimes, but through Jesus Christ we can receive forgiveness and feel the Spirit again. I know that this his the Lord’s work. He is moving it. I know that as we all try a little harder to be a little better we will see the hand of the Lord. I know that he will walk with you and sometimes for you, so that you can reach your goal. I know that this is true. the longer I am here the more it clicks. It makes sense. it’s so perfect. I love it. and it’s becoming everything to me. I love you all. Have a good week!


Elder Cluff



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