Week 34-“I know without a doubt that the Savior lives. He passed beneath all things that he might save all things. I love him with all my heart.”


This week was super awesome. It went super quick too. We had exchanges with the zone leaders in their area. In the night we played some mad pong and it was just a good night. I love the zone leaders.

On Wednesday, my comp and I felt like we should go home early to just hammer the area book, and really leave our mark on that sucker. As we got close, we sat down at a members house across the street from ours. Someone ran up to us in a fury of nervousness and said “there is someone in your house with a flashlight!!” well shiz!  I booked it to the house and was about to go in and then the wise member said “no don’t go in he could kill you” So I decided to listen and not go in. One of our friends, Roger, and I ran around back and saw someone standing on top off the house. Roger screamed at him, and I’ll spare you words he used, and said get down here. The kid screamed ” oh I’m not doing anything I just like to chill up here” alright dog, you’ve never chilled on top of my house before why are you doing it now?

We got him down and called the cops and it turns out he had my iPhone. So then we had to get all legally involved. I coulda put that guy behind bars for 2 years but president Clayton told me no. anyyyway this thief, Daniel, came up to us the next day and started to apologize. It was super dope because I didn’t feel even a tiny bit mad at him and I felt the love of Christ for him. I cut him off and began explaining repentance and how we can be forgiven. But I didn’t stop there. I straight invited this thief to be baptized on May 25. He said yes. I was super pumped and we’ve been having some lessons with him.

So that happened. Turned out to be a little bit of a blessing.

All that hubaloo made the week go pretty quick. We worked hard but also worked hard with the area book and with planning. So we weren’t able to visit as many people as we were hoping to see.

This week we should see some great success as we close out the transfer. I’m hoping to stay one more transfer to just get some of these great investigators that we have baptized.

More than anything this week I studied about Christ. I was overwhelmed several times with just a pure feeling of “this is the truth” I felt so peaceful as I studied about his resurrection and about his perfect life. I know without a doubt that the Savior lives. He passed beneath all things that he might save all things. I love him with all my heart. He is everything to me. I am thankful for the daily opportunity I have to repent, and strive the be better each moment. He loves us so much. I know that he does. May we strive to be more like him.

I love you all,

Elder Cluff


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