Week 39- “The blessings of missionary work are endless”


It’s been a great week this week and I’m super thankful for it. ‘Ive learned a ton. The highlight of the week was definitely the exchanges with the assistants. I was with Elder Contreras for the Dominican Republic. He goes home in about a month and a half. He is one of my best friends. He is super humble and super funny. He is just super great to be around. He wants to live in the US and I’m super down to do whatever I can to help him because he has changed my life.

The assistants are just next level. Every time I’m with them I’m just like holy crap I am not that class of missionary and they make me wanna be better. I know they are called of God to be the assistants in our mission. During companionship study Elder Contreras knew exactly what to say and he hit every point of worry that I’ve been having. I was super thankful for that half hour to study I had with him.

I got to go to the very outskirts of the mission and give a baptismal interview this week as well. It ended up taking two days because they live so far out there. It was such a cool experience. They meet there in a tiny little house of prayer. The font was so tiny there was barely room for them in there. It was cool to get to go out there and help with the baptism. I love giving baptismal interviews. It’s a great opportunity to see how the gospel has changed the people. Even the little 9 year old I got to interview. I did feel weird asking him if he’s ever participated in an abortion tho. But we are in Mexico so I had to ask him.

A bunch of crap has been happening in the branch here so I’m pretty sure we will be getting a new branch president this weekend. It’s good but also sucks because I’m not sure anybody has the ability to do that besides the President right now. We will see what type of effect it has on the area.

There is a young woman here named Lupita. She always comes to church with her sister and her family that are super active. Shes not actually a member but she comes every single week. Well theYW president came up to us after church this week and said “I’ve been working with Lupita and shes ready to listen to you guys and get baptized.” All we need now is her moms permission. It might be a little difficult because shes a member of another church. But the young women’s president is super involved and helping us a lot so I’m thinking that it can happen. I’m praying for her and this is such an answer to prayers. I’m thankful for people to teach. The biggest blessing for missionaries honestly is just people to teach. Help the missionaries find people to teach. Help them have full schedules. Even if you don’t think that they will listen and get baptized, put your fear behind you and just help them get into contact with missionaries. I know it can be hard, but just do it. The blessings of missionary work are endless.

I’m liking Santiago even tho its really hot. We have two weeks left in the transfer and this week will have interviews with the President. I’m excited for that. The mission life is great. Thank you all for your support and love! Keep praying for me and my area!

Love Elder Cluff


Week 38-” I think that the time will keep going faster and faster so we all just need to enjoy it.”


This week was an adventure. We had a pretty good week teaching repentance and stuff. Towards the end of the week my comp and I stopped in to the church to go on some weekly visits. We were there for like five minutes and he went into the bathroom and threw up. Well to keep it short, he didn’t stop for 3 hours. The poor kid was in the bathroom stall for 3 hours. He lost 100 percent of his strength and couldn’t even stand up. He managed to leave the stall for about 20 seconds to get a blessing. He made it back to the house in a taxi without throwing up again, but then in the house he started throwing up blood. So we made our way to the ER and stayed there till 1 in the morning. Well everything is great now and we should be able to work this week just like normal. Anyway…needless to say, I had my first Mexican emergency room experience.

In some of the down time I had in the house, I shredded the Book of Mormon. I love reading it quickly but attentively. I get so much out of it and I remember whats going on. It’s been a great experience studying it this month.

This week, we wanted to find more people, so we put a table up in the plaza and contacted the heck out of everyone. It was pretty awesome and we met some cool people and had a good time with the zone leaders. We found some more people to teach and hopefully we can help some of them progress a lil bit.

Its been a good week overall, I’ve learned a lot and it felt like a quick week. I also hit 9 months this week and that’s nuts to me. The time is going super quick. Its weird to think that its been a year since graduation and all that stuff, it literally feels like it was yesterday. I think that the time will keep going faster and faster so we all just need to enjoy it.

Les amo mis amigos. Grracias por sus oraciones y amor. Sé que nuestro padre celestial nos escucha y quiere que hablemos con el en todo momento. Sé que estamos en la iglesia verdadera. Puedo ver la felicidad que trae el evangelio, y la tristeza que hay sin Jesucristo. Se que i felicidad duradero en cristo, y que uno no la puede encontrar en ningún otro lado. Sé que dios nos ama a cada  uno de nosotros. Que estén bien. pórtense bien y si se portan mal, me invitan.


Elder Cluff

Week 37-“We need to show our God that we are ready to accept his will and act on promptings.”


This week finished so great, talking to my mother. Shes just such a great mom and I’m glad I was able to talk with her. Until Christmas fam.

This week was actually a long one because my comp and I were both sick and we couldn’t leave the house for two of the days. We couldn’t leave the house because well, in simple terms, my companion couldn’t even leave the bathroom. Ate some bad shrimp or somethin. Not sure about it cause I ate a half pound of those delectable sea creatures and not a thing happened to me.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how I can find more people to teach, how we can find people that are ready to listen to us, and how we can help people progress. I’ve been pondering that because we really are struggling in all three of those categories. ‘Ive come to a conclusion and it sounds so normal but really it’s just that I need to rely more on the Lord. How I’m going to do it, not sure. But it will require a lot of prayer. Sometimes as a missionary, (maybe as normal church members too) we trick ourselves into thinking we are relying on our Heavenly Father, when really we aren’t doing that at all. Sure we pray and read the scriptures, but are we really putting everything into His hands and doing what He asks? Its almost overwhelming to think about trying to develop that type of relationship. We’ve all tried so many times haven’t we? We have all found ourselves begging on our knees for Heavenly help, but why is it that maybe we don’t feel like our relationship with Heavenly Father is progressing or like we aren’t receiving that help? Well probably because we don’t find ourselves begging every single night. We probably don’t find ourselves preparing for the prayer, and meditating it after. We forget to listen and find the answers. So how is it that we CAN do those things? I think its different for everyone. We need to show our God that we are ready to accept his will and act on promptings. We need to prepare ourselves to go before our Maker with an empty mind and a ready heart. We need to listen, after we pray, for the answers we are looking for. I think if we really focus and just get that feeling that He is there listening to us, then we are on the right track.

So that’s my plan this week, is to really focus on that. I really want to focus on not falling into that routine prayer cycle. I want to get something out of each prayer. It’s a lot easier said than done, but I’m gonna go for it.

I love being a missionary. I love being here in Mexico. Even though right now I’m having a hard time finding people that will listen to us, I know that I’m still having an impact in some way. I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with me, but I know I can do more.

The Book of Mormon is changing me as I dive into each story, and as I strive to understand whats going on. I’ve read the Book of Mormon many times before always just taking out the doctrine and the teaching. But this time I’m really focusing on who? why? and where? and I’m really getting a lot more out of those same doctrines.

My comp and I are making a timeline of the Book of Mormon and it’s super cool. I love reading the Book of Mormon with another person and seeing their insights. That’s why it’ll be super dope to be married in like 7 years.

I know that this church is true, and that it’s been restored by Joseph Smith. I know that it all leans of the Book of Mormon and the testimony that we have of it. I know that it’s true and that is contains the fullness of the Gospel. I know that the Prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson is the prophet called for this time. I know that he speaks face to face with Jesus Christ and that if he challenged us to read the Book of Mormon, we NEED to do it. So don’t put it off, and do it. I love you all and I know many blessings await us, even more than all the blessings that we are ALREADY receiving.


Until next week,

Elder Cluff

Week 36-“Lets make like Coriantumr and get the Shiz out”


This week has been a lengthy one. But a good one. The weeks are feeling a little long right now because the investigators aren’t progressing. The other hard thing is that most of them can only meet or only want to meet one time a week, when normally we like to visit every other day. So often times we find ourselves with out very many set plans. But that’s not gonna stop anything. We are gonna keep going till we have our agenda full.

My comp and I are getting along great. Hes got this wicked impression of “Rex Kwon Do” from Napolean Dynamite. I was walking around the house a couple nights ago and he was just like “look at what I’m wearing…how’d you like a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys?… Forget about it” I died laughing. I literally passed away. Then later he was like ” do you think anybody thinks I’m a failure cause I go home to Starla at night” and I just couldn’t get a hold of myself. Haha then later in the week we were leaving church and he was just like “lets make like Coriantumr and get the Shiz out” I also died after that one. He couldn’t believe that I’m from Utah and I’ve never heard that. Let’s just say it made the journal.

We had zone conference this week! I love zone conference and I love President and Sister Clayton. It was such a good conference. This time it was like a pep talk. Like… you guys are doing alright but you can be way better. I always leave those conferences ready to baptize my whole area.

So normally to end the conference Sister Clayton talks with the Sisters and President talks to us. Something weird that happened was that Sister Clayton came in and started talking to us the Elders. She talked to us about how Satan is attacking us, and about how many Elders have problems on the mission with morality. (thoughts and actions) but what she told us was to trust in President Clayton and repent. I don’t know why she felt like she needed to tell the Elders that, but she did. And she did it straight forward. Its was awesome. I don’t have those problems, but obviously she knows that some Elders do and she gave some great counsel. I loved something that she did to end the little chat. She made us all hold our hands up and look at them and to promise that we would never touch or do anything we shouldn’t with them. She said it like ” I’m pleading with you as your mission mom to not let Satan win” she said with tears in her eyes ” I have never worried one time about what President Clayton is doing” and I felt the Spirit so strong. It gave me this renewed desire to be a strong righteous priesthood holder. I want my wife to be able to say the same thing. and I’m going to make sure she can.

The invitation Sister Clayton gave us about the Book of Mormon reading that we are doing right now is that we should dive in to every chapter. She said “help Nephi build the boat, pray side by side with Enos, cut a few arms off with Ammon, stand in king Lamonis court etc” and I thought it was a little funny but it made me excited to read like that. So I have and its so awesome. There is so much power in reading the Book of Mormon quickly. You are able to remember the stories, and better come to know the Book of Mormon. There is so much power in this challenge that President has given us.

On Saturday night, we passed by the houses of several investigators to invite them to church one more time. They all said oh yeah of course…. not one of them came. It’s so frustrating. But we will keep teaching, and we are going to focus the teaching on the Sabbath Day, hopefully that will help.

I know that this work is the best work. I know that I am where I’m supposed to be. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. and that all of the teachings are true. It teaches us to be baptized or else we cannot be saved in the kingdom of god. Even though baptism is one of many steps, it is important, and I know that without a baptism we cannot enter Gods kingdom. How great is it that we have the restored priesthood authority to perform those ordinances? Heavenly Father loves us so much that he has given us the opportunity to follow his son Jesus Christ and be baptized. I know many people that read these letters are strong members of the church, but I invite those of you who are not members of the church to be baptized, and experience the joy of  starting again, and feel a new commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

I love you all and hope that this week is sublime.

Elder Cluff

Week 35-“Obtain a copy of the Book of Mormon, read it, ponder it, live its principles, and you will find happiness now and forever”

Qué onda raza!!!


We had transfers this week. This Elder is staying here in good ole hot and musty Santiago Nayarit. Elder Koyle is stayin with me too so we are gonna cause a riot. He’s like the funniest nerdiest kid and every word that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh. I love it. We should have a good transfer and my hypothesis is that if we work hard then it will go fast.
This week we pretty good. Kinda weird because I don’t remember it very well!! We had exchanges with the zone leaders again.. that was good. Oh I got to do another baptismal interview and preside at a baptism so that was money.
This week as been super calientita. Super hot. I’ve been sweating like a slightly overweight elders quorum president helping the neighbors move in at mid day.
The sad news is the worst has yet to come. Oh well, mango season is right around summers corner and I am enthralled thinking about that. I’ve been eagerly picking them but they still just aren’t quite there.
This week our mission president extended us the invitation to read the Book of Mormon as a mission during the month of may. I’m super excited. He said that he invited us to do it as a result of our prophets address. I know that it’s revelation and each and every one of us should follow it. So read the Book of Mormon with me this month!! I promise that your life with be better. There will be more peace. The problems you face will seem small. The hand of the Lord will be visible. I know that the Book of Mormon protects us. As we read it we receive divine heavenly help that we need in each situation we face! I love the Book of Mormon
“Obtain a copy of the Book of Mormon, read it, ponder it, live its principles, and you will find happiness now and forever”

The ball is in your hands! If you want happiness you now know where to find it. I love you all and pray for you. I would love to hear from you all! 8 months in the mission and I feel like week old dust. Nobody remembers me!! Haha still love you tho.


Elder Cluff