Week 38-” I think that the time will keep going faster and faster so we all just need to enjoy it.”


This week was an adventure. We had a pretty good week teaching repentance and stuff. Towards the end of the week my comp and I stopped in to the church to go on some weekly visits. We were there for like five minutes and he went into the bathroom and threw up. Well to keep it short, he didn’t stop for 3 hours. The poor kid was in the bathroom stall for 3 hours. He lost 100 percent of his strength and couldn’t even stand up. He managed to leave the stall for about 20 seconds to get a blessing. He made it back to the house in a taxi without throwing up again, but then in the house he started throwing up blood. So we made our way to the ER and stayed there till 1 in the morning. Well everything is great now and we should be able to work this week just like normal. Anyway…needless to say, I had my first Mexican emergency room experience.

In some of the down time I had in the house, I shredded the Book of Mormon. I love reading it quickly but attentively. I get so much out of it and I remember whats going on. It’s been a great experience studying it this month.

This week, we wanted to find more people, so we put a table up in the plaza and contacted the heck out of everyone. It was pretty awesome and we met some cool people and had a good time with the zone leaders. We found some more people to teach and hopefully we can help some of them progress a lil bit.

Its been a good week overall, I’ve learned a lot and it felt like a quick week. I also hit 9 months this week and that’s nuts to me. The time is going super quick. Its weird to think that its been a year since graduation and all that stuff, it literally feels like it was yesterday. I think that the time will keep going faster and faster so we all just need to enjoy it.

Les amo mis amigos. Grracias por sus oraciones y amor. Sé que nuestro padre celestial nos escucha y quiere que hablemos con el en todo momento. Sé que estamos en la iglesia verdadera. Puedo ver la felicidad que trae el evangelio, y la tristeza que hay sin Jesucristo. Se que i felicidad duradero en cristo, y que uno no la puede encontrar en ningún otro lado. Sé que dios nos ama a cada  uno de nosotros. Que estén bien. pórtense bien y si se portan mal, me invitan.


Elder Cluff


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