Week 39- “The blessings of missionary work are endless”


It’s been a great week this week and I’m super thankful for it. ‘Ive learned a ton. The highlight of the week was definitely the exchanges with the assistants. I was with Elder Contreras for the Dominican Republic. He goes home in about a month and a half. He is one of my best friends. He is super humble and super funny. He is just super great to be around. He wants to live in the US and I’m super down to do whatever I can to help him because he has changed my life.

The assistants are just next level. Every time I’m with them I’m just like holy crap I am not that class of missionary and they make me wanna be better. I know they are called of God to be the assistants in our mission. During companionship study Elder Contreras knew exactly what to say and he hit every point of worry that I’ve been having. I was super thankful for that half hour to study I had with him.

I got to go to the very outskirts of the mission and give a baptismal interview this week as well. It ended up taking two days because they live so far out there. It was such a cool experience. They meet there in a tiny little house of prayer. The font was so tiny there was barely room for them in there. It was cool to get to go out there and help with the baptism. I love giving baptismal interviews. It’s a great opportunity to see how the gospel has changed the people. Even the little 9 year old I got to interview. I did feel weird asking him if he’s ever participated in an abortion tho. But we are in Mexico so I had to ask him.

A bunch of crap has been happening in the branch here so I’m pretty sure we will be getting a new branch president this weekend. It’s good but also sucks because I’m not sure anybody has the ability to do that besides the President right now. We will see what type of effect it has on the area.

There is a young woman here named Lupita. She always comes to church with her sister and her family that are super active. Shes not actually a member but she comes every single week. Well theYW president came up to us after church this week and said “I’ve been working with Lupita and shes ready to listen to you guys and get baptized.” All we need now is her moms permission. It might be a little difficult because shes a member of another church. But the young women’s president is super involved and helping us a lot so I’m thinking that it can happen. I’m praying for her and this is such an answer to prayers. I’m thankful for people to teach. The biggest blessing for missionaries honestly is just people to teach. Help the missionaries find people to teach. Help them have full schedules. Even if you don’t think that they will listen and get baptized, put your fear behind you and just help them get into contact with missionaries. I know it can be hard, but just do it. The blessings of missionary work are endless.

I’m liking Santiago even tho its really hot. We have two weeks left in the transfer and this week will have interviews with the President. I’m excited for that. The mission life is great. Thank you all for your support and love! Keep praying for me and my area!

Love Elder Cluff


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