Week 44-“I don’t remember the last time my clothes were carefully tumble dried!”

Hey! whats goin on fam? Its been a great week out here in Santiago Ixcuintla. My 21st week here to be exact. I’m closing right in on that 6 month mark. Its pretty crazy to stay that long in an area. According to my mission president, the apostles dont want us staying in our area for more than 6 months. Granted there are always special exceptions, but these could potentially be my last three weeks here. I have grown to absolutely love it. I don’t know how, but it’s happened. I love Santiago.
This week we found a bunch of people to teach. They all have a little bit of potential, but there are about three that really stick out. They listen, but the trick will be to help them keep commitments. I bet they will.
I got to go back to San Blas this week. It was soooo good to go back. I got to have exchanges out there and it was so fun to teach all of the people I used to teach again. They all told me I looked so happy and skinny. Everyone tells me I look so skinny but I’m like 164 pounds so I think I’m doing fantastic.
We had a good Sunday. The attendance was rather low this week which is just real upsetting, but we will work with the families that didn’t come this week. We had a spiritual testimony meeting and I really enjoyed it. I love the testimonies of the little kids. They are so real! I love to listen to them.
Last night we had a branch presidents meeting and it was good. To be honest it was extremely long. I felt like a young priest in a BYC with Bishop Mayfield haha! Just kidding I loved those meetings. But it was really long and then we had left and the District President went all the way home about 40 minutes away, and I realized I left my dang bag in the high council room. So it’s still just chillin in there and I really dont know when I’ll have access to that little guy again .
Something that I’ve really found myself thinking about and reflecting on is the importance of scripture study. Many times we imagine missionaries as people who are constantly studying the scriptures and who have huge spiritual experiences every morning. Well it does happen often, but we have a ton of problems and temptations as we study as well. We often have meetings and things in the mornings or exchanges and we find ourselves at the end of the day without a real good scripture study. I feel huge differences. I feel empty and guilty to be honest when I dont get a good read in. I love the scriptures. I think the best thing we can do is pray to feel the desire to read the scriptures. It should feel like a necessity. After we have prayed we just need to read until it feels that way.
It’s about 98 degrees everyday with 90% humidity and it’s just incredible. I honestly sweat a large amount everyday. Its atrocious. The rain is just playing games with us. The skies are black and it starts to sprinkle a little bit and then it stops and its 110% humid. It has yet to just down poor but they say it’s around the corner…who knows.
My companion and I decided that it was no longer worth it to wash our clothes by hand. We have decided to stop withholding the money and take it to a lady. So last week we dropped off the clothes and the next day we picked them up and went back to the house. We opened up the bag, and never in my almost year as a missionary have I smelled such a ravishing smell! Freshly washed AND dried clothes. SHE USED A DRYER. a dryer. I don’t remember the last time my clothes were carefully tumble dried. Wow what a blessing it was. She is such a great laundry dooer and I’m going to bring her back home with me. I’m choosing to leave the fact that she is a middle aged overweight Mexican woman to the side. The laundry was that good. Thanks Juanita. You’re wonderful. You can bet your sweet little boots that our clothes are in her solicitous care right now.
Well that’s a week for ya here in Santiago Nayarit. Count your blessings and use your dryers.
I love you all and I pray for you. I could use a few more prayers down here!
Stay close to the god and develop a relationship with him that cant be moved. He loves us and cares for us. He is there for us and he guides us. Prayer is the key to open the counsel and guidance He has waiting for us. Learn to pray, and pray often.
adios nos vemos fam.
Elder Cluff


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