Week 45-“I love the gospel and it brings so much joy and helps us avoid so much heartache and anguish.”

It’s been just a stellar week and I’ve just been busy busy busy. It’s been awesome. We had a great 4th of July here. We made hotdogs at night and they were great but we are convinced that they aren’t actually real meat. We just chilled and had a great night and we were actually able to download Whitney Houston’s “The Star Spangled Banner.” So as we fell asleep, we had American liberty absolutely ringing in our ears. I fell asleep comfortable, and with a single tear rolling down my cheek. We just love America down here.

We had some type of activity every single night in the church this week. It’s good, but it’s really interfering with prime proselyting time. It’s good that we are busy, we just aren’t very busy with investigators. In the words of the famous but complete disaster Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, “it’s tough but it’s good.”

Moving on to the highlight of the week, we found a little family! About a month ago I started really feeling like we needed to teach the family that lives across the street from us. I didn’t really ignore the feeling, but I didn’t do the best I could. I just kinda said “hey we are missionaries could we share this message with you?” They replied with the norm of “oh let us talk and think of a day and we will let you know.” So I just kind of left it at that and was happy because I followed the prompting. Well this week I felt again like we need to teach this family. So I walked across the street and talked with the dad, Daniel. He said “oh we never set up a date what happened?” I was a little surprised because normally they don’t remember these kind of things. But then his wife came out and started talking to us. She was asking us all sorts of questions. She said “I’m Catholic but I just don’t agree with any of it. There is no reason to worship Mary, that’s against the commandments. And why do they baptize us so young, we dont even know what sin is.” We were just standing there in awe like whoaaa there hold on let us in your house!! We gave her the Restoration pamphlet and told her to read it and study it and that we would pass by again the next day. Well we passed by and they were all ready for us and had read the pamphlet and highlighted it and marked it and loved it. We taught them the whole first lesson and they loved it but they were just a little worried about the Joseph Smith thing. I LOVE when that happens because it shows to me that they understood what we just told them. But she said she really wants to know and she is going to pray and read and find out for herself. She was really happy and asked a billion questions and wanted to know everything. It was great I’m excited to teach them.

Now, for the sad part. Her husband works in Puerto Vallarta and he left on Friday to work for two months. If I would have acted faster and more diligently on the first prompting I had, we could have helped them progress earlier! But I also trust that the Lord has his own timing. We will see what happens.

I have had some strong feelings that I’m gonna stay in Santiago for a 5th transfer. Kinda like someone whispering in my ear. “hold on tight buddy there’s a storm comin” so I’m really thinking I’m going to stay. Which is exciting, but that will mean 7 and a half months here and 1 year in the zone. It would be incredible wouldn’t it?

Well that’s my week. Long but fast. I still love being a missionary. I love it. I wouldn’t change it for anything right now. I know I say this a ton, but it really is shaping me! I can see how it well help me so much as a father someday. I love the gospel and it brings so much joy and helps us avoid so much heartache and anguish. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ speak to us through the scriptures and answer our prayers through them too. I have learned that and seen it in a very real way as a missionary. I love the Book of Mormon and I’m thankful for it. Read it! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.


ps. sorry for quoting Bruce Jenner. I wont do it again.


Elder Cluff





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