Week 46-” Our goal is simply salvation.”


This week we just had a plethora of things going on. We started off the week with interviews with President. It was a great few minutes and he told me that I would be staying another transfer here in Santiago to continue being the Branch President. I expected as much. Then after the interviews, Elder Koyle and I had divisions with President. It was awesome. I was all sorts of nervous trying to get all prepared and stuff, but everything worked out so well and President gave us tons of compliments, so it was great.

Wednesday we took off to Guadalajara to have a little training and stuff up there. Elder Koyle and I got to ride with President and Sister Clayton in their van. I was just shocked with how strong the spirit was..even in their car… like it was strong, I loved it. We listened to album by Kurt Bestor and Sam Cardon. Fantastic. I think it absolutely nourished our experience. It was fun to ride with them though.

We kinda hung around working with different Elders in Guadalajara all week. We stayed with Elder Knight and Elder Taylor… my MTC comp and my trainer. It was wild. It was great to see Elder Knight again. I love that guy.

Elder Koyle and I discovered a restaurant called “Cuarto del Kilo” and it was just out of control. They sell these hamburgers that are a quarter pound (rough estimate) and just fantastic. I think we need one in St. George. Someone get on that.

Well we finally got back to Santiago on Saturday afternoon. It was good to get back into the area but absolutely scorching right as we got of the bus. In Guadalajara we were working in streets full of water up to our knees and it was cold as can be. I loved it. But it had to end and we had to get back to our humidity.

We got to have a good little lesson with Nadia after a few days without seeing her. She had read everything that we had assigned her and more. She has a great desire to know if it’s true. She says she feels tons of peace and love as she reads and that she believes that it’s all true. Shes so fun to teach because she understands the importance of it all. She asked us “Is it your goal to baptize me?” we assured her that it’s not. I said ” Well certainly we want to baptize you, because we want you to live as a family with our Heavenly Father again, and that’s our goal.” I loved it because the spirit just took it right to her heart. Baptism isn’t our goal, church numbers aren’t our goal. Our goal is simply salvation. She is doing awesome and we are developing a great relationship with her.

Sunday morning my comp and I showed up to the church early as normal to get everything ready. Presidente Arias (district president) showed up a little early too and informed me very calmly and quietly that he was there to give me a little break. I thought that meant help with the services and everything but NOO. The man released me.  I am no longer the Branch President. I feel great. It’s like a little burden was lifted off. But at the same time I’m sad! I loved being the Branch President. I had incredible experiences with the spirit and I felt a love for everyone! I’m all sorts of confused now on what will happen with these transfers next week, but I’m ready to serve wherever it is. I grew up so much in these last 6 weeks. I’m really thankful for the opportunity I had to help this branch.

Its been an eventful week, but a good one. I love the mission. It was fun to work in the city for a little and I’m thankful for the mission I’ve been assigned to. I’m so thankful to have the truthfulness of the gospel in my life. I’m thankful for the knowledge of a restored gospel, and I’m thankfulnI can share it. I’m thankful for a loving Father in heaven who allows us to go through refining processes so that we can become what he knows we can be. I’m thankful for a Savior who knows each one of us, who wants us to lean on him in times of need. I know that we have the guidance of scriptures and prophets that help us know exactly what we need to do to make it back to our Father in Heaven. I know that this is true, and I invite any of you who dont, to ask God. He loves you and will tell you through his Holy spirit. I love you all and hope you have great week.

Hasta la proxima semana amigos. Que esten bien. Cuidense mucho. Byeeeeeeeeee.


Elder Cluff


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