Week 48 -“Coolin’ in Cocula”

This area is just too awesome. I am just ecstatic to be here. I love it so much. It’s super green and the weather is just a complete game changer. I’m sleeping with blankets at night. and sweats. It’s just such a blessing and I’m excited to be here.
Elder Barlow and I are getting along great. We are always doing something funny and messing around with each other. Its gonna be a fun transfer. We will only have this one transfer together because hes already been here forever. It will be a good six weeks. He’s loving it because we are obedient. Apparently his last comp wasn’t too obedient so he is just all sorts of excited.
This week we worked the whole week in Cocula. Which is weird for me I haven’t had an entire week in my area in a couple of months. I actually loved it and we were able to find a ton of new people to teach. One of them is named Antonio. He is married to the daughter of a pretty less active family that the missionaries have been working with for a while. His wife, Anahí, hasn’t been to church in years, but it will change. Antonio has loved our lessons so far and it’s been fun to teach him. I see a lot of potential in him. He is 20 and his wife is 18 and they just had a little baby. It is just a perfect situation for the gospel to work in them. I hope that they will choose to let it happen.
We’ve got a cool little branch in the area Estipac. There are two other missionaries there that just hang out with us all day every pday. Estipac is like 30 minutes away and that’s where the building is. The branch is really cool. I really loved Sunday. It was nice and calm and I really enjoyed it.
It’s been raining a lot here and I love it. It’s just really cool here. I cant get over it. It’s awesome.
I’d say that one of the downsides to Cocula is how Catholic everyone is. In my previous areas everyone has been catholic but nobody went to church or anything. Here everyone goes every single Sunday and they can’t imagine that there is life outside of the Catholic. We are just searching for the people that are ready.
I loved my first week here. I still feel a little weird. I dont know any of the other missionaries in the Zone very well, so I’m excited to get to know some of them. Hopefully we can start having some fun activities this week. I just love activities. Wholesome recreational activities.
I’m still loving the missionary life and I feel that the routine we follow has just become my life. It’s not weird to me anymore. I love waking up at 6:30 and studying the scrips. It’s the best. It’s another habit I would love to keep up after the lds mish. I’m loving how much I’m learning about myself and about this gospel. I know that it changes lives. We have to accept it and let it work within us and when we do it changes us. I’m just happy here. I know that that comes from the work I’m doing and the gospel I’m living.
I love you all. Have a sensational week.
Elder Cluff

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