Week 68-“There is no better way to feel or partake of that fruit than by reading his words.”


This week has been great! It has been busy busy busy and we haven’t been in our area for a long time.

This week we had exchanges with the Assistants and they were great. I learned a ton from a great missionary. Elder Dehesa is probably the most consecrated missionary I have ever met. I learned a ton from him and I’m super glad I got to be with him for the afternoon.
We also had a Christmas activity in a city named Manzanillo. Three zones got together and we had a great time. We had to come up with a little skit and ours was definitely the best and everyone was laughing the whole time. We have 3 missionaries from the Dominican Republic in our zone and Dominicans are known for just being crazy.. They are wild. They make things fun though.
I love the mission during Christmas time. I remember last Christmas I didn’t have a lot of time in the mission and I remember I felt a great peace during our activity and I was so thankful to be a missionary during that time of year. I feel the same way this year and I love being in the Lord’s service. We were challenged to read Luke during the month and it has been a great experience. I have learned a lot and I feel so good as I read about the Saviors life. I have been able to feel the spirit consistently as I have read this month.
I hope that everyone has a great week. I’m a little low on time, but I want to just let everyone know how thankful I am for the support that I have. My family and friends are the best and I’m so thankful to know that I have all the support in the world. I love being a missionary.. I dont know if I say that enough. I feel like I’m just at a point where I can reach a new level as a missionary and this week I am going to do my best to reach it. It all starts with a good study in the morning. I think the same can be said about everyday life. I hope to be able to develop a great daily study after the mission so I can say the same as Henry B Eyring. He hasn’t missed a day in more than 50 years.. that’s some serious business. We have to read them because we feel Gods love as we read them. We don”t read just for knowledge. Think of the way that Lehi talked about the fruit(gods love) there is literally nothing that good. There is nothing so sweet. And there is no better way to feel or partake of that fruit than by reading his words.
I love you all!!! Feliz Navidad
Elder Cluff

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