Week 72-“The mission is the best and gets better every transfer. It’s the biggest blessing I have had in my life.”

It has been a hot minute since I wrote home but here I am!! Things have been so great these last couple weeks. I got to spend Elder Moras last week with him and see him off. The best part was that we were able to baptize Sara!! It was so fun to finish his mission off with a baptism. Sara is the best and she is the first person that I have personally contacted who I have been able to baptize. It was such a miracle and a great experience.
The following day we received the news that President Monson had passed away. What a man. What a leader he was. He dedicated his life to serving everyone and never thinking about himself. From a very young age he understood what he needed to do and did it diligently until the day he died. What a great example. I know that Russell M Nelson will be a fantastic leader. He loves his calling and loves everyone. He will lead this church by revelation and example. He will be a great blessing to each of us.
We had a great mission council and I just long for the opportunities to listen to President Clayton. He is such a great man. I learned a lot and left very excited to do a better job as a zone leader and also received quite a few answers to how to do that. Its always such a spiritual meeting and a great experience.
We wrapped up the transfer this week and boy did we have changes. The whole zone almost had transfers. It was wild. My new companion is Elder Sime. He is from the Dominican Republic and has 14 months in the mish. He is a WORKER and I am pumped. A stereotype of Dominicans is that they are always just hyped up and excited bouncing of off the walls. It’s true.. This guy doesn’t run out of energy. Whats even funnier is when multiple Dominicans get together.. We have three in the zone and they just go nuts. Its really funny. Yesterday we were walking and all of the sudden this dude just starts honking like crazy. He swerves over and slams on the breaks and yells at us. I’m a little scared at this point, but my comp runs up to the car. I’m like “dude what are you doing we are supposed to run in the opposite direction”. He gets to the window and there is a Dominican in there. They are just pumped to see each other. They had never met ever but it looked like the same type of reunion that a Utah mother has with her son when he gets home from the mish. It was hilarious. But yeah anyways Im super excited to be with this guy and we are going to get some serious stuff done. Being with him is an answer to my prayers.
Those are the highlights.. I can’t handle how fast the time is passing. It’s pretty frightening. The mission is the best and gets better every transfer. It’s the biggest blessing I have had in my life. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.
Elder Cluff


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