Week 73-“Heavenly Father knows where we are.”

This week has been a good one with my new companion. We have worked hard in the little time we have had. This week we had Zone Conference. I love that meeting. We talked a lot about the basics in missionary work. It’s a good reminder because a lot of times we are trying to be better missionaries but we want to do it in some type of complicated way when really all we need to do is go back to the basics. It was a great reminder.
Sister Clayton talked about the importance of a good morning study. It kind of sets the tone for the whole day. But even more important than that, it gives us a desire to keep the commandments, and as missionaries it fires us up to share the gospel. It was a great conference. My companion and I taught almost the same thing and it was a great teaching. My companion and I teach really well together and the spirit was present.
Yesterday was probably my favorite day of the week. We went to church and spoke. That was fun, we ate lunch and then had companionship study. That was great too. Then we went to work. We only had one set appointment. When we got there Guadalupe was not there…. but right when we showed up, we noticed a lady carrying big buckets of water. We went up and started to help her. We took like 6 buckets of water to her house and then started to talk with her a little. We taught her The Plan of Salvation. It was a great lesson and she was really prepared to hear what we had to say. It was such a great experience. Heavenly Father knows where we are. We didn’t show up for our appointment in vain. Heavenly Father knew what was going to happen and we were there to meet Leticia. It was a great blessing and a testimony builder.
Later that night when didn’t have anything going on so we just contacted the rest of the night. We got to the house like 20 minutes early but we weren’t about to go inside that early. So we made a plan to give away all of the materials we had with us.. 2 Books of Mormon, a bunch of pamphlets and like 20 contacting cards. It was so fun. We just went crazy in 20 minutes and we got to the house with nothing. It was such a good feeling.
This week we are going to be super busy again. I love it. I love being so busy. The only hard thing is we dont get any time in our area!!! It’s so in the middle of nowhere that we have to leave a day early if we want to be able to make it to things. That’s the only downside.
But we are doing great and we are going to keep working. My companion is fun to work with because we laugh and talk. It’s been a good week. I love you all and I’m thankful for all of the support!!! I love you! Have a good week.


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